Where to Sell Books for Maximum Impact

Selling Books Online

What if there were a way you could reap all the benefits of managed eBook sales while staying in complete control over your career? When it comes to how and where to sell your books for the most substantial impact, there are more options than you may think. Before you surrender control over your work, earnings and marketing by working with either a traditional publisher or a mass-market eBook retailer, consider all your options. In almost all cases, operating and maintaining your own web store is the best way to establish your brand, build your business and stay in control.

Why You Should Think Twice About Where to Sell Books

Choosing where to sell books is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a self-published author. Some of the most popular options, like mass eBook markets connected to a particular device, may not be as attractive as they seem. In most cases, sales plans offering the highest percentage of earnings also come with a number of important restrictions which make them even less of a value. For instance, earning a higher percentage of each sale may not be so lucrative if you’re not in control of the cover prices. A higher share of less money makes for a long road to profitability, and comes with a variety of drawbacks. Most of these plans are built around exclusivity agreements, meaning you are forbidden from making your work available anywhere else. You can’t run your own promotional sales, and your audience reach is ultimately limited. For this reason, it’s more rewarding and often more financially sound to maintain your very own web store. This is where a dedicated eCommerce platform, like PayLoadz.com, can offer you the best of both worlds.

Where to Sell Books and Promote Online

The most attractive aspects of managed sales for most new authors is the ease of practical use. Payments are processed for you, files are hosted securely and delivered instantly. Each step of the transaction is managed without your interference, seamlessly automated. What if there were a way to combine this convenience with the freedom of independent sales? With a great eCommerce platform, this experience is well within reach.

You don’t have to surrender control over your business and brand in order to have access to efficient and effective online sales systems. Unlike a managed eBook marketplace, your work remains your own to promote and sell as you see fit. Your chosen provider simply provides the hosting, payment processing and delivery. Choose a free blog site, an inexpensive template site you build yourself or even a social media profile as a sales hub. Take advantage of built-in marketing tools, like affiliate network access, designed to help you become more successful by reaching wider audiences. The world of self-publishing and online sales is waiting; all you have to do is decide where to sell books.


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