Where to Sell Books for Maximum Impact

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You’ve decided not to take the traditional publishing route, and now you’re wondering where to sell books in order to make the greatest possible impact. Proprietary eBook marketplaces tied to popular eReader devices offer a number of alluring perks, but the fine print is worth close examination. If you’re choosing self-publishing in order to retain more control over your career while earning more than the mere pennies from each sale offered by a traditional publisher, you may find these direct eBook publishing markets just as oppressive. Before you enter into any agreements, it’s important to consider all your options.

Where to Sell Books for True Independence 

You don’t want to settle for a tiny fraction of your earnings, cede creative control over to an editor or lose the ability to market your brand as you see fit. When you choose to work with the most popular proprietary eReader marketplaces, you’re doing just that. In order to collect the highest percentage of your earnings, you must agree to allow the marketplace to set your prices, along with exclusive sales agreements which prevent you from offering your work through any other outlets. When you want to know where to sell books in a manner which keeps you in full control, there’s only one real option: setting up your own web store.

This is easier, less expensive and more accessible than you probably think. In fact, you can hit the ground running on even a miniscule budget, provided you choose a comprehensive and streamlined eCommerce platform. Services like PayLoadz.com bring together all the tools you need while cutting all the unnecessary expenses, which all too often bog down a new venture. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a professionally-built website; you can cut and paste simple HTML code into a free blog site or even an inexpensive template site you build yourself.

eCommerce Services: How and Where to Sell Books

By combining the power of trusted and reliable payment processing systems like PayPal and Google Wallet with secure file hosting and automated content delivery, an eCommerce platform consolidates everything you need under a single service umbrella at a low price. High-quality systems will even include risk-free marketing systems, like affiliate networks, which help you avoid the inherent gamble of prepaid ads and sponsored social media posts. When you have all the right tools at your disposal, you don’t have to wonder how and where to sell books. You get to focus on creating new content, publishing new material and promoting your brand. Don’t let your career fizzle before it ever starts. Get your own web store up and running with ease, so you can become the next online publishing sensation.

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