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Are you ready to move beyond the mass eBook marketplaces tied to proprietary eReader devices? Perhaps you’d like to use your smartphone or tablet for reading without downloading a corporate app. No matter your motivation, you may be surprised to find out just how many options you have at your disposal. The best of these options connect you directly to independent authors, making it easy and satisfying to discover new eBooks for sale. Don’t resign yourself to reading the same old content; explore new avenues, and you just may discover your new favorite author.

Buying Independent eBooks for Sale

When you purchase directly from an independent author, you’re supporting them directly. Thanks to dedicated sales and marketing tools, authors are able to bypass traditional publishers in order to create their own rules. When you purchase eBooks for sale through eCommerce platform marketplaces like the PayLoadz.com store, your money goes directly to the author. They don’t collect a tiny portion of their proceeds while a publisher, agent and marketing department keeps the lion’s share. Because these authors aren’t restrained by corporate influences, they have more freedom over the direction of their content. Looking for truly exciting, innovative and genre-defying fiction? Look for independent authors who don’t have to conform to the demands of a corporate machine.

Browsing an eCommerce platform’s built-in marketplace allows you to reap all the benefits of shopping through a mass eBook marketplace, with none of the hassle. There’s no app to download or specific device required, giving you freedom to purchase and read new eBooks for sale however you choose.

Benefits of Choosing eBooks for Sale Through an eCommerce Marketplace

The primary benefits of mass eBook marketplaces can be distilled to a single point: simplicity. You’re able to submit payment for any eBook for sale on these platforms in confidence, knowing your financial information is safe. There’s no wait for your files, which are automatically provided to you upon completing a transaction.

What if you could reap all of these benefits without supporting corporate interests? Shopping through a high-quality eCommerce platform allows you to submit payment through names you trust, like Google Wallet and PayPal. Your purchased eBooks are still delivered automatically, so you sacrifice no convenience and no security. Choosing eBooks for sale through independent avenues allows you access to a greater range of reading materials. Whether you’re looking for ground-breaking fiction, explosive political commentary or how-to eBooks giving you the inside track on your latest project, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for in a new way. Don’t resign yourself to shopping the same marketplace; broaden your horizons and use your purchasing power to move beyond the mass online retailers.

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