What Your Need to Sell Music: PayPal, Downloads Management and Marketing

MP3 file downloading

Are you ready to make the leap from an amateur musician or musical artist to becoming a professional? The main difference is that professional artists are paid for their music. No, you don’t need to get a recording contract or even spend a large amount of money on recording your own music. You can create musical downloads and start selling music online right away, you just need to know a little about Paypal, downloads management and marketing.

Using Paypal to Sell Music

The biggest component of selling music is getting paid, which is where Paypal comes in. Paypal is the most trusted digital payment processing option on the internet, used all across the world. With Paypal on your side, you can sell your music to fans in the UK, Australia, all over Europe and almost any country in the world. It is a safe and secure way for people to use credit or debit cards, or even their checking account, to make online purchases.

If you don’t already have a Paypal account, you will need to set up your account before you start to sell music online. Paypal is usually free to sign up for an account. Fees are generally only charged when you receive business payments. You can deposit money you receive through Paypal right into your bank account, or use the balance to make purchase online. Paypal also offers debits cards that attach to your account. 

Managing Your Music Downloads

So now that you are ready to receive payments, you need a plan to manage your music downloads to your customers. When people buy digital goods online, they expect immediate access to their purchase. You will need a digital delivery service that will immediately send the download to your customer as soon as payment is received.

Marketing Your Music

Music, like all products, needs marketing to sell. You don’t need a big label to market your music to make money, but you do need marketing. You need to get your music out in front of your fans, or potential fans. It helps if you already have a website or social media pages to reach those you know, but you need wider marketing to expand the number of fans and followers you have.

Get all Three Through an eCommerce Service

Make it easy to start selling music by signing up for an eCommerce service like PayLoadz.com. With one service, you can get Paypal payment processing, download management, digital delivery of your music and digital and affiliate marketing. These services are the easiest and most affordable way to start selling music online without the hassle of managing all the digital and technological aspects of selling online. You just need to create the music, sign up for a eCommerce account, upload it to the eCommerce store and wait for your Paypal payments to start rolling in. In the meantime, you can begin creating your next set of MP3’s to sell online.

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