What Your Digital Downloads Company Needs

Digital Shopping Cart Provider

The ability to fulfill orders via shopping cart

Your e-commerce business needs three things—whether you sell digital downloads or other products: a shopping cart, a payment processing gateway and a process that completes orders. To have a completed order for customers, you need to have a way they can buy what they desire and a payment system so that you receive the funds. This is where a digital downloads shopping cart is important. Learn to determine the right cart based on these three needs.

Shopping Cart Priorities

It’s not always wise to take someone’s word regarding the best shopping cart available. Consumers shop around, so don’t simply choose the first digital downloads shopping cart you find online. Instead, create a list of must-have, should-have and nice-to-have features. Such a list details your top priorities regarding shopping cart specifications. Your must-have list might include the following: easy to use, explicit and easy-to-read details, taxes, itemized listing, payment methods on the same page and a coupon or discount code section. Determine the list for yourself, and then shop for a cart that meets your needs.

Digital Downloads Shopping Cart with Payment System

A digital goods service is one way to get what you need for your e-commerce business. With a digital downloads service, you have a place you can upload all your files with bulk import to a secure server. This means less storage needs for you and heightened security from hacking. Additionally, this service combines a shopping cart with a payment system and makes certain orders are completed for you. In terms of the payment system, if you choose a place like PayLoadz, you can accept a variety of payments like e-checks, debit cards, credit cards, electronic transfers and ACH transfers. This is done through a variety of payment systems such as PayPal, Google Checkout and a merchant account for credit cards. It’s an all-in-one option, which is typically better than going with one company for a shopping cart and another for payment system.

Fulfilling the Shopping Cart Order

The items in the shopping cart need to be delivered. A service that can provide the cart, the payment system and can fulfill the order is the simplest. In terms of digital downloads, the delivery service needs to provide an automated option. Automated delivery means the delivery can happen when you’re not around. Customers get the software, eBooks or other digital media they purchased via a link that allows the downloads.

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