What You Should Know About Selling EBooks

Where To Sell Your EBook

New authors are typically anxious to get their works into the marketplace. The motives are as varied as the writers themselves. Sometimes it’s about validation or maybe the dream of becoming a famous writer. Some writers may just have something they want to say to the world, and some people want to see their name in print and know that by selling eBooks, they can see their work digitized.

Selling eBooks can be easier than selling print books. This is especially true for self-publishing authors. The avenue for getting your book to the public allows you to market your work without stocking inventory. You won’t need to concern yourself with cases of books in the garage or basement. There’s no more worry about damaged or mishandled books. Wherever you go, you can let people know that you are selling eBooks, and you can refer them to your website where they can purchase a digital copy.

Considerations When Selling EBooks

Strategic planning is required for marketing your book. Make sure your book is well written and has content that people want to read. Check out what is already selling to get ideas. Plan your advertising campaign to your best advantage. If your book is about parenting, you won’t get much interest on a site for retirees. Know your constituency, and market the book accordingly. Create cash flow by selling eBooks by using good marketing strategies.

Keep your customers happy by making their shopping experience as easy and hassle-free as possible. Working with an e-commerce company like PayLoadz.com can make selling eBooks easy and convenient for both you and your customers. Such companies can guide you in making decisions about payment options and best delivery methods.

Deciding how much your work is worth can be tricky. People tend to charge as much as they can for their labor of love, but the question you should ask is whether the market will bear the price. It’s a good idea to compare your work to that which is already selling and price your books within those ranges. When you’re just starting out selling eBooks, keep your prices low enough to gain a following.

Delivery Options

You have several options regarding how customers receive your eBook. Depending on the method you choose for delivery, your customers can receive their purchases as attachments via email, downloadable files or audio CDs or DVDs of your book. Each method has its pros and cons. For example, an email attachment is fine, except it will require more work on the customer’s part to actually get the book. CDs and DVDs mean tangible inventory that you will need to deal with. Digital downloads are quick and easy. With the purchasing program provided by PayLoadz.com, your eBook sales are easily tracked.

Customer Support

One of the best ways to establish yourself as a reliable, worthy business for selling eBooks is to keep your customers happy. Prompt, courteous service is always a plus. Problems must be handled swiftly with the customers’ needs in mind. A good merchant still believes it’s all about the customer. With that in mind, your new venture should be successful.

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