What You Should Know About Selling Downloads Before You Start

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Have you developed a strong digital product you’re ready to market but don’t know how to get started on your sales adventure? Before you actually start selling downloads, it’s important to develop a business plan that includes not just your marketing and promotional ideas, but also the plan for daily task management. How will you process payments? Where will you host your products? How will you make sure your customers get their products in a timely manner when you sell digital goods? Don’t be overwhelmed by these questions; the simplicity of some solutions may surprise you.

Selling Downloads: Meeting Demands and Expectations

The world of online sales is still growing and evolving, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some established rules already in place. Today’s online buyer is web savvy, and has the same high expectations they carry for many retail transactions. For instance, the modern Internet shopper demands safe and secure payment processing through names they trust, like PayPal or Google Wallet. They’re not willing to wait for digital goods, either. When you sell physical products, your clients know there will be a processing and shipping delay. When you sell digital goods, there’s no excuse for downtime. You have to be able to make sure your customers can access the files they’ve purchased immediately. On your end, you’ll need access to secure file hosting and reliable marketing tools, like an affiliate network.

Choosing the Right Tools to Sell Digital Goods

You don’t have to spend a small fortune to have a website fully capable of ecommerce automation built by a professional. In fact, doing so can actually hurt your business in a few different ways. First, you’ll have to invest so heavily up front that your timeline for reaching profitability will be longer. You’ll also be responsible for all of the maintenance on complicated systems, which often means hiring more professionals unless you have in-depth web design knowledge. Even the most sophisticated websites may not make automated content delivery feasible for your business, so you may still have to find more resources outside of your expensive website.

Comprehensive ecommerce solutions like PayLoadz.com eliminate the need for almost all up front investment, instead allowing you to get your business of the ground with limited startup capital. You’re able to turn a profit earlier, making money while building your brand. The time you would otherwise spend on maintenance and daily operations is given back to you, so you can focus on new product development. High end ecommerce platforms combine trusted payment processing and automated download delivery for your clients with access to affiliate marketing networks and secure file hosting for you. All that’s left for you to do is promote your products and manage new releases.

Don’t let common misconceptions about the size of a startup investment requirement keep you from realizing your dreams. Selling downloads and getting your start can be as easy as finding the right ecommerce platform.


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