What You Need to Start Your Ebook Download Business

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Have you decided to strike out on your own as a self-published author, retaining control over your intellectual property and more of the profits from each sale as you write your way to fame and fortune? If so, you’re not alone. There are hundreds of success stories, with more authors added to the ranks every day. In order to become one of those successful self-published authors, though, you must know how to get your ebook downloads business off to a strong start. This means not only providing a great product of exemplary quality, but also forming the right partnerships along the way.

How to Sell Ebooks Successfully

You need a product people want to buy, and want to recommend to their bookworm friends, but that’s not always enough to make your venture a success. You’ll also need a trusted method of processing payments, one which keeps both you and your buyers safe. Protecting your products through secure file hosting is also vital, as is being able to provide your customers with immediate access to the ebooks they’ve purchased.

Some new authors choose to eliminate these concerns by entering into an exclusive partnership with proprietary device marketplaces, like the Amazon Kindle Store. This does take all of the responsibility for hosting, payment processing and delivery out of your hands, but it also limits your control substantially. You’re also diminishing your customer reach dramatically, because you’ll only be able to sell to those customers who own one device.

In almost all cases, the best option is to choose non-exclusive agreements with proprietary marketplaces and to set up your own web store.

Starting an Ebook Download Web Store

Getting your own web store off the ground doesn’t have to be an expensive or time-consuming task. With an ecommerce platform service, you can easily combine vital factors like payment processing, content delivery and hosting to create your own streamlined marketplace. Services like PayLoadz.com make it easy to get your own store started, offering all the convenience of proprietary marketplaces with no sacrifice of control required. You also won’t have to shell out thousands of dollars in start-up capital to finance a high-end website for managing sales. A strong ecommerce platform makes it easy to turn your social media profiles and a free blog site into powerful sales portals.

The best services will include not only these important tools, but also valuable seller and marketing systems, like affiliate network access. Get your ebook download business started today, and begin building your brand as an author. As you continue to sell ebooks and establish a reputation, you may find that becoming one of the Internet’s big success stories isn’t such a distant prospect.


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