What You Need to Sell Photo Files Yourself

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What do news articles, blog posts, advertising copy have in common? Stock photography! Everywhere you look online, images are used to add visual interest, break up long blocks of text and catch readers’ eyes. With almost every post you see taking advantage of this quick and easy way to make content pop, you’re probably thinking there’s a huge market for images, and you would be correct. Online merchants who sell photo and graphic files are positioned to make substantial sums of money, but it’s important to set up your business properly. With the right business plan in place, you can turn your eye for photography and entrepreneurial spirit into a profit.
How Do I Sell Photo Images Online?
There are a few different ways to sell photo files and earn a profit. The first is to sell your products to a stock photography clearinghouse site, which allows you to earn money instantly but does come with some tradeoffs to consider. First, you’ll only collect a fraction of your product’s earning potential. Depending on the terms of the site you choose, you will probably sell the distribution rights to your work for a one-time fee, while the site continues to collect revenue each and every time the image sells. Because you’re selling the distribution rights completely, you will almost certainly be barred from being able to ever sell photo images you’ve turned over to these sites independently.
For most photographers and aspiring web merchants, the most best and most effective option is to set up an independent webstore. Running your own operation will allow you to sell photo files with greater freedom, and to keep more of your profits.
What Do I Need to Start My Web Store
In order to successfully manage your own web store and sell photo images, you’ll need to consider the needs and expectations of both you and your customers. For instance, you’ll need a way to securely host your photos, a method of processing payments you can rely upon and marketing assistance to get the word out about your products. Your customers need to feel secure about the method by which they pay for their products, and they want immediate access to the files they’ve purchase. As a web merchant, you can secure all of these tools and services separately. This will mean, though, that you’re forced to manage several separate accounts just to keep up with daily operations. The most efficient and cost-effective way to sell photo images, or any other digital products, is to work with a reputable eCommerce platform.
Services like PayLoadz.com are designed with the independent seller in mind, and created to provide your customers with the best possible experience. Payments are processed through reliable services like PayPal and Google Wallet. Your files are securely hosted, and content delivery is automated to ensure immediate delivery. Access to valuable marketing tools, including affiliate networks, helps you boost the signal so your business is easier for people to find. Best of all, these crucial tools and services are totally integrated into one comprehensive system. That means one login, and one system to manage. Get out there and sell photo images today. With a camera, a good eye and a great eCommerce platform, you’re set up for online sales success.
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