What You Need to Sell Audio Books

Where To Sell Books

Just as ereader devices revolutionized the ebook market, so have smartphones and dedicated MP3 players sparked a renewed interest in audio books. For the busy commuter or stay-at-home parent faced with tasks which require both hands, finding time to read a great book isn’t always an option. For enterprising self-published authors, selling audio books has proven to be a lucrative method of adding new revenue streams to their online businesses, and it’s not just self-publishers who are getting in on the action. By obtaining the audio rights to other authors’ work or adapting classic novels in the public domain, you too can build a booming business when you choose to sell audio books. All you need are the right tools and support services, along with a bit of basic ecommerce know-how.

Understanding Ecommerce: The First Step to Selling Audio Books

In order to successfully build an online business specializing in the sale of any type of digital goods, you must first understand some basic tenets of ecommerce. Knowing what the average online buyer is looking for in a product and their customer service expectations allows you to eliminate the guesswork of starting your new venture, approaching your business from the right angle before you even launch your virtual store.

First and foremost, the modern buyer of digital products expects to obtain the files they’ve purchased immediately upon completing a transaction. This means you can choose to monitor your own sales alerts and manually process transactions, but you’re more likely to create delays and damage you overall reputation. For almost all online merchants, it’s far better to work with a download automating service in order to provide your customers with instant access.

To truly succeed in the world of online sales, you’ll also need to offer products of reasonable quality at a fair price. There’s a surfeit of low-quality digital goods for sale on the Internet, but dissatisfied customers are quick to share their experiences through negative reviews. Make sure you focus on producing high-quality content over stuffing your product catalog, building your offerings gradually and filling your virtual shelves with great audio books.

How to Sell Audio Books Quickly and Easily

You know it’s important to provide your customers with instant access to high-quality products in order to sell audio books successfully; what you may not know is just how many tools and services this can require. You’ll need payment processing through trusted services like PayPal or Google Wallet in order to collect the proceeds from your sales, automated content delivery to provide timely access to your customers, file hosting, marketing services and a sales page. While some new merchants choose to build their own websites and use separate services to make each of these needs a reality, it’s a far better option for almost any new merchant to choose a comprehensive ecommerce platform. Services like PayLoadz.com integrate file hosting, automated content delivery and payment processing through reputable vendors, making it easy to streamline your operations for peak efficiency and optimal customer service.

If you’re thinking of selling audio books, make sure you get started correctly. You may not need to make a substantial up-front investment in infrastructure; you’ll almost certainly be able to get everything you need from one reliable ecommerce service provider.


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