What You Need to Know About the EBooks Market

EBooks Market

What are the global eBooks market projections?

Have you considered selling eBooks? If you want to start an online business where you sell electronic books, understand the eBooks market. What is it doing now? What are the projections for the future? What can you hope to make with a business selling eBooks? To answer those questions, Global Entertainment and Media Outlook conducted a search to find what the eBooks market might look like in 2016.

The Gist of the EBooks Market

According to data from Global Entertainment and Media Outlook, eBooks will make up half of books sold in the United States by 2016. Book spending, including consumer and educational books, will be considered flat on a total scale. The increase between book sales from 2012 to 2016 will be about 1.1 percent in a compound annual rate. Trade book sales will continue to decline, while eBooks will increase. In the first quarter of 2012, 30 percent of adults had at least one portable device that allows eBooks to be read.

In terms of the global market, North America will be a leader along with Japan, China and South Korea. The rest of the Asian Pacific and Europe will be slower but slightly faster than Africa and the Middle East. There are a couple of reasons why the global eBooks market may favor the United States and certain Asian Pacific countries. People in North America tend to have more overspending habits and income than other nations. The Asia Pacific region is the leader in creating technology, such as eBooks readers. This access makes it possible to buy the devices and start reading eBooks.

The Business Outlook for EBooks

The global eBooks market information should give you a good example of where the industry is headed. It also shows you that getting into an eBook business could be lucrative. If you are looking for an opportunity to make money online and from home, get into a business that’s currently trending for an increase. While overall sales will rise only 1.1 percent in the next four years, there is more money in eBooks than trade books in a store. If you want to see the 50 percent increase in eBooks for profit, you need to get into the market.

The most success will be with classic books not yet available for free and with bestselling authors. This may require becoming an affiliate to a publishing house or company with these licenses. You can also sell eBooks that offer “how to” instructions. A good book on how to garden, make soap or do other do-it-yourself projects has the potential to sell well. You’ll find several of these types of books in the PayLoadz e-store.

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