What to Sell? Book or Audio File?

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When it comes down to whether you should be selling your writings in a paper form at the usual bookstores, or online as audio files and digital downloads there is no question of what to sell. Book audio files are the way to go.

The reality is, we live in a technology driven generation. Everyone in today’s society has a smartphone, a computer or both. They are constantly online, texting has taken over as a main form of communication. You can get paid over the internet, order food through your phone, buy clothes off of your computer; everything you need is right at your fingertips.

So when you sell books as audio files online, you have a much larger range of people who are on the internet everyday who could potentially download your book. Those numbers don’t compare to the slim amount of people who use bookstores over digital reading options. It makes your work much more accessible to the world. Selling your books online also makes selling your work less of a hassle, you don’t need a publisher for it to be sold, you don’t need any sell out bookstores, you are your own boss and you control the success of your sales.

How to Sell Book Files

The first step to sell a book online as an audio file is to record it into a digital format so it can be transferred throughout the internet. You can do this as an audio file where your books are read and recorded or as digital downloads. Or you can convert your book to an ebook file to sell online.

You’re going to want to do some self-advertisement on your social media accounts reaching out to the people you already know, so they can share your book with their friends and start a following chain of supporters of your work, even before it is ready to sell. Book marketing is very competitive, so you want to start early.

eCommerce Site

If you want to reach out to people further than the close knit people you have on your social media accounts, finding an eCommerce site to help sell your work can connect you to a whole new world of buyers. It allows you to really take advantage of the mass amount of people surfing the internet. eCommerce sites like PayLoadz are made specifically for selling audio books, ebooks and other digital downloads. They will sell your book from their site and also help you better advertise on social media or even sell from your own website or email.

Ecommerce sites can also handle all of the money transactions for you, so you can focus on what is important, which is writing your book. They make selling products online as stress free as possible and help you gain credibility with your buyers.

Don’t wait another day to share your writing with the world, start selling audio files and digital downloads online today and watch the sales start to go up and the cash flow start to come in.

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