What Is PayPal IPN?

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If you’ve been wondering, “What is PayPal IPN?” and how it could help with your digital download business, wonder no more. This new service through PayPal can help businesses that want to automate their customer delivery system and can be set up to do many back-office transactions.


PayPal IPN

PayPal IPN stands for instant payment notification. Through this system, PayPal IPN notifies you when payments have been processed and when products need to be delivered. You are also notified regarding fraud, chargebacks, refunds and payment reversals. The IPN talks to your listener or handler, which is a program that you create on your end that deciphers and acts on the data collected from IPN.


How It Can Be Used

The larger your operation, the more beneficial PayPal IPN will be to you. As your digital download business grows, you’ll want to track customers, keep good accounting records and have certain payment “events” automatically taken care of. This includes having your website set up to automatically deliver and download products once they are paid for.


Do You Need PayPal IPN?

Not everyone needs this service. Plus, you must be able to write, or have someone write, the program for your listener, and not everyone can do that. It can be complicated because you need your listener to understand which process to take from all coded messages coming from PayPal IPN. Although it can be great for large websites, it is complex and not needed for smaller download businesses.


Simpler Option

Many operators who sell digital downloads hire a service that does much of what PayPal IPN does, without the headache of writing programs and code. Digital download delivery services like PayLoadz.com do similar processes to IPN. They can integrate PayPal with your shopping cart so that when a customer makes a purchase, it will go through the “listener” and will automatically deliver the product for you. This easier process for beginning download sellers is often all that is needed to do business.


Although PayPal IPN has its merits, it can be daunting to people who aren’t tech savvy. You don’t need to use it to have a successful download business.


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