What is E-junkie?

E-junkie Alternative

A Digital Goods Shopping Cart with “Buy Now” Buttons

Any online business, whether it‘s downloads or tangible goods, needs a shopping cart. There are plenty of choices when it comes to shopping carts, and E-junkie is one of them. You can use E-junkie with various websites, whether it‘s eBay, your own creation or PayPal. Yet, an E-junkie alternative exists that you might consider better. It’s more than a shopping cart. Sure, having a shopping cart is essential to your needs, but what if you could find an alternative that provides you with more? What if you could have bulk product import, a turnkey affiliate system and automated downloads, all while you keep your own website or multiple websites? These services are just a portion of the E-junkie alternative provided by PayLoadz.com.

Shopping Cart Inclusions with E-junkie Alternative

It’s up to you to find the shopping cart that best fits your needs. To do that, you need to understand what a shopping cart like PayLoadz can offer you. It’s mainly for merchants with digital goods to sell because there’s access to a secure server. This E-junkie alternative automatically provides sales tax, VAT and delivery. You can also use it with PayPal or Google Checkout if you would like to offer your customers more payment options.

Selling with the E-junkie Alternative

You can sell eBooks, albums, MP3 tracks, icons, software, fonts, artwork, event tickets and posters using PayLoadz as your E-junkie alternative. Any digital good that exists can be sold online in your store and stored on PayLoadz.

Selling Digital Goods With Discounts

Shopping carts like this E-junkie alternative provide a way to give discounts to your customers. Customers can enter any discounts, promotions or coupon codes at the payment stage. Item level discount codes let you put a flat price on a product. You can also do an order level discount code in which the total order has a percentage discount. This E-junkie alternative allows you to do both when you set up the shopping cart on your website.

Additional Features of your E-junkie Alternative

With your PayLoadz account, you can import as many files as you have right into our secure server, and you can set up a secure delivery system. This E-junkie alternative provides you access to an automated delivery system. This makes it possible for your customers to download items as soon as the account shows payment is made. Because you can have as many websites as you wish, consider the affiliate service offered through PayLoadz. You set up the websites and the system handles the affiliate management and payouts you need to make.

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