What is a Digital Delivery Shopping Cart?

What is a digital delivery shopping cart?

Steps to starting your digital delivery business

Starting an e-commerce business can take some time. You need to research products you believe you want to sell. You need to start aligning partnerships to get those products from the developer, manufacturer or distributor. For your website, you need a shopping cart. It’s important to have a method for digital delivery, too. A digital delivery shopping cart is for a niche market. It’s set up for those who want a digital goods business, such as selling music, software, eBooks or other digital media.

Digital Delivery: The Finer Points

If you won’t be creating your own digital goods, you’ll need a distributor willing to allow you to sell his creations. There are several affiliate and other programs out there where you can sell digital goods as the retailer to consumers online. It takes research to determine what goods you should sell. The most popular items, like top Hollywood movies, can seem like a great idea, but what happens when you have thousands of other sites doing the same? What happens when you can’t sell the product for less than a major retailer? Research is key to finding products you can successfully sell. Once you’ve done that, consider the digital delivery of the goods.

How Digital Delivery Works

Digital delivery is best done with an automated system. Customers go to the shopping cart, which has various selections. They select a payment method and see a “submit for billing” button. Once they select “submit payment” and the shopping cart recognizes the transaction is complete, the digital delivery begins. An email with a link will be sent. A new page with a link will also be loaded. Customers can click on the link for download and follow the steps. The system is automated, which means you don’t need to be around to see that payment is made or need to hit the “send button” on the link. Automated systems also allow customers to shop whenever they have time, without you needing to be available 24/7.

Choosing the Digital Delivery Shopping Cart

The digital delivery shopping cart needs to be one that has an automated system. Most shopping carts you find online have this option. It’s not enough, however, to have just a shopping cart. You want a service that allows digital delivery because the files are stored in secure files. Bulk import of your files to a secure server means less hassle for you and your customers. The shopping cart should also have some customization options, such as the payment methods you receive and any coupon/ discount choice you might wish to offer.

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