Want to Sell Music? PayPal isn’t All You Need

Selling Beats Online as a Low-Cost Startup

For today’s independent musician, distributing music through physical media is largely a thing of the past. Unless you’re catering to a niche audience who appreciates novelty items, like vinyl or cassette tapes, the most viable option is digital media distribution to sell music. PayPal, one of the world’s most popular payment processing services, should absolutely be part of your business plan. What many newcomers to online sales don’t realize, though, is that there’s more to selling music online than just payment processing. PayPal is only one part of the puzzle, albeit an integral one.

Tools You Need to Sell Music: PayPal, Content Delivery and File Hosting

Ecommerce is a booming industry, with millions of digital files purchased and sold around the world every year. While this is one of the most popular emerging markets, it’s still relatively new and, as such, can be confusing to those with limited online sales experience.

Even if you’ve never sold a file online, there’s a good chance you’ve purchased digital products at some point, and you probably used PayPal to process your payment, This is the source of many misconceptions about PayPal’s role in the transaction. While you ultimately finalize your purchase by entering your PayPal account information, there are several other services at work to ensure your transaction is processed smoothly.

PayPal only processes financial transactions. This wildly popular and trusted service does not offer file hosting, content delivery or placement in a virtual marketplace. It’s up to you to either find separate services which specialize in each of these crucial areas as part of a larger, custom sales system, or to work with an integrated ecommerce platform which covers all the necessary bases.

Ecommerce Solutions: How to Sell Music the Easy Way

Just as many potential online merchants mistakenly believe that PayPal is the only tool they need to operate a successful business selling music online, there are also many who believe they need an extensive set of costly and powerful tools to start their independent music venture.

While it’s certainly true that you can build a custom website, invest in shopping cart software and manually process orders, this tends to be a far more expensive and labor-intensive choice. The most economical and efficient option for the vast majority of musicians is to work with a reputable, reliable ecommerce solution.

Ecommerce platforms like PayLoadz.com help you start selling music online, earning a profit and building your project’s visibility almost immediately. Even better, you’re able to simply collect your earnings after the initial set-up, leaving you more time to focus on creating new material and promoting your band. There’s no need to monitor sales alerts and manually send download links after purchase; your new fans can get their hands on your music instantly. This helps to increase customer service ratings and your brand reputation, as today’s customer has become accustomed to instant access.

Start your business off on the right foot, and build your audience by selling music online with the right tools and services.


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