Using Your Blog to Sell Digital Goods


Have you ever stopped to think about just how many of the products you consume on a daily basis are never produced in physical formats? From music you download and pay for digitally to streaming video content, smartphone apps and software programs, there’s no denying that digital products make the world go ’round. If you’ve been thinking of getting in on the action, don’t let misconceptions about how the process works derail your plans. You don’t have to invest in a prohibitively expensive website to sell digital goods; with the right tools and services, you can get started right away with minimal start-up investment.

How Your Blog Can Sell Downloads

Your blog can be so much more than a platform for sharing your thoughts or opinions; it can actually be one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal when you’re ready to sell digital downloads. Whether you have an already-established following or are just getting started, the important thing about your blog is that it’s inexpensive or even free to maintain, easy for your customers to access and can serve as a sales portal with minimal web design knowledge.

By eliminating one of the largest financial burdens of starting your business, you’re able to sell digital goods in a manner which lends itself to early profitability and greater success. Expensive websites and costs associated with running them mean you might have to sell hundreds or even thousands of copies before you’ve even recouped expenses on your business venture, let alone are earning a profit. When you eliminate those costs, every sale you make translates to money earned, not money applied towards a debt.

Set Up Your Blog-Based Store and Start to Sell Downloads Today

Commissioning an ecommerce-ready website means you’ll have to wait to get your business started until the site goes live, the kinks have been straightened out and everything is running smoothly. When you use your blog and social media profiles as sales portals, you’re able to get up and running in just a few hours. All you need is a comprehensive ecommerce platform like

Because these streamlined ecommerce services use simple, cut-and-paste HTML linking to create buttons for your products on a blog or social media post, there’s no real reason to invest in high-end technology when you’re ready to sell digital goods. Your customers are able to click on a link from your blog which takes them to a fully-functional webstore you’re not forced to maintain. Payments are processed through trusted names like PayPal and Google Wallet, downloads are automated to ensure instant delivery when transactions are completed, your files are hosted securely and you’ll even have access to valuable marketing tools.

Don’t let concerns about the expense of a professional website get int he way of your goals. You can easily sell digital goods without the need for such steep expenses, earning your way to a successful business with relative ease.


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