Using Titles and Product Descriptions to Sell Digital Goods

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First impressions are crucial, and the world of online sales is no exception. In order to successfully encourage your prospective clients to become those of the paying variety, you must be able to convince them of the superiority of your digital goods in short order. This is where well-written, clear and accurate product descriptions are essential, along with snappy titles.

Writing Product Descriptions for Your Digital Goods

Potential customers will seldom make a purchase if they’re not sure of what the product they’re considering actually does. In terms of digital products, your customers need to know what is included with their purchase and what files a download contains in order to make an informed purchasing decision.

Your brand reputation is of immeasurable importance, and it’s built from the moment of your first sale. Misleading product descriptions may encourage people to make an initial purchase, but their angry product reviews and poor word of mouth may very well discourage the next client. This is why it’s so important for your product descriptions to be clear and accurate. It’s never wise to imply your product is something other than what it’s designed to be, whether it’s a software program or an ebook file.

Your product descriptions are a reflection of you and your business, so it’s also imperative to be sure they’re spelled correctly and use proper grammar. It’s often difficult for customers to take a merchant seriously if even their product descriptions are riddled with mistakes. This goes back to the all-important first impression, so be sure you leave clients with a favorable one by checking your spelling and grammar.

How Titles Sell Digital Goods

No matter how catchy and well-written your product descriptions are, your title is often still the first thing your potential customers will see. The title of your products is the very first impression, so it’s important to choose names for your products carefully.

A snappy title may catch the eye of a customer, but only if they’re able to find your products. Listing your digital goods on auction sites, your own website or a major e-Commerce page will require many customers to search for a particular phrase. Online search engines are another traffic provider, but in order for these methods to work, the title of your product will need to be something which adheres to typical search phrases relevant to the digital goods you offer. One method of ensuring search-friendly titles is to consider the terms you would use if you were in search of a product just like the one you’re selling. These words will be the ones your customers use, so make them part of titles whenever possible.

Using a comprehensive e-Commerce solution like is another great way to increase the sales figures of your digital goods and ensure customer satisfaction through automated delivery and easy payment processing. With great products, accurate product descriptions and strong product titles, you can start making a profit from the sale of your digital products sooner than you may think!


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