Using the Internet to Sell Music: PayPal and Beyond

Sell Music Downloads Online

It’s no secret that today’s independent musician must conquer the world of online sales if they want to earn a profit while waiting to hit the big time. Unfortunately, navigating this territory can be a challenge for those with limited digital sales experience. Figuring out how to sell music doesn’t have to be an insurmountable obstacle, though. With the right tools and information, you can sell music, earn a profit and start building your reputation.

How to Sell Music: PayPal and Other Crucial Tools

While there are many different methods for marketing and gaining exposure when you begin to sell music online, there are some tools and capabilities that are universally required for success.

Your customers must be able to process their payments securely, without worrying about the safety of their sensitive financial information. While many will hesitate to hand over their credit card number for manual processing, the vast majority of online shoppers know and trust PayPal for this purpose. Because so many buyers are familiar with PayPal, most new merchants will also start their businesses understanding how important this service is to the success of their venture.

What many don’t realize, though, is just what PayPal does and does not handle. It’s not uncommon for people to start an online sales business under the impression that PayPal not only processes payments, but also offers file hosting and instant downloads. The truth of the matter is, though, that PayPal only fills one crucial function: payment processing. Instant download delivery, file hosting and marketing tools are all things you’ll have to source from other systems.

Sell Music Without Breaking the Bank

Setting up a system on your own to provide file hosting, automated download delivery and payment processing is more expensive than most new merchants realize before they start their journeys. While building a custom site can costs thousands of dollars, this is far from the only option. In fact, the most efficient and effective option for the vast majority of those learning how to sell music is a comprehensive ecommerce platform that streamlines all of these needs into one vital service.

Systems like make it easy to integrate not only payment processing through PayPal, but also instant download delivery, file hosting and even access to valuable seller tools like affiliate networking. With the right system in place and the right services to support your venture, you can successfully sell music. PayPal may only be the tip of the iceberg, but the rest of your systems can be just as simple and easy to use if you choose wisely.

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