Using PayPal: Software Sales and Distribution

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Are you making one decision with the potential to negatively affect the launch of your new business? If you’re using a trusted and reliable payment processing service, but not pairing it with vital tools and services, you are likely making a mistake. While it’s important to use a payment processing system like PayPal, software sales means more than collecting money from your customers. Many new merchants mistakenly believe this one service provides their business with all the tools it needs, and this simply is not the case. PayPal is part of an effective business, but not the whole picture. You must also be able to provide your customers with the high-quality products and excellent customer service today’s buyer has come to expect from digital purchases.

Adding to the Power of PayPal: Software Management for Merchants

You have a great software product, or a catalog of high-quality products, but even the most impressive programs will not reach full sales potential without support. If you’ve only used PayPal to purchase goods yourself, you may not realize how much of your buying experience was provided by supplemental programs and systems. Secure and safe payment processing is absolutely vital, but it’s the only service offered by PayPal. Software download delivery, marketing and file hosting are equally important, and are not part of the package.

PayPal does one thing, and does it very well: payment processing. Your customers are able to make payments without worrying about the safety of their financial information. High-end eCommerce platforms, like, provide the rest. By seamlessly integrating PayPal, software delivery systems and even marketing tools, a great eCommerce system can make a world of difference to your new business.

Why Do I Need More Than PayPal? Software Sales 101

Your customers expect to pay for their products safely, gain access to them immediately and encounter no delays along the way. As a merchant, you simply cannot monitor sales alerts around the clock and hope to manually fulfill orders in a timely manner. You can and should accept payment through names your customers trust, like Google Wallet and PayPal. Software delivery and marketing, however, are separate concerns. When you choose a comprehensive eCommerce platform, you’re able to combine the power of PayPal with all the other tools you need for success. Choosing a system which includes affiliate network access will also boost your earning potential by helping you reach new audiences.

Approaching your new business venture with attention to detail and a dedication to exemplary customer service is the single most effective way to increase sales success. Working with low-cost options which dramatically lower startup investment costs while increasing sales potential is a no-brainer. Get started today, and find out how you can integrate PayPal, software delivery systems and marketing tools for optimum success.

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