Using Forms and Documents to Sell Digital Goods

Signing a Document

You may not be a gifted graphic artist, musician or aspiring author, but that doesn’t mean you’re automatically excluded from the world of online sales and ecommerce. In fact, one of the most popular items for merchants who sell digital goods requires very little in the way of creative artistic ability. When you choose to sell documents or sell forms, you’re able to put your analytical prowess and business skills to work.

Starting Your Business to Sell Digital Goods

Whether you already have a selection of templates and files or are just beginning the work of building your product catalog, one of your first concerns should be the creation of a strong business plan. In order to be successful when it comes to online sales, you’ll need to make sure a few crucial bases are covered before your store ever opens.

  • Payment processing – You can’t make money when you sell documents and form templates if you don’t have the ability to safely, securely process transactions. While it is possible to accept credit cards directly through a personal website, merchants who work with trusted systems like PayPal and Google Wallet are able to better foster a sense of trust in new clients.
  • Content delivery – Unlike physical media, which buyers know must be processed and shipped, there is no real grace period for the delivery of digital goods. Today’s buyer has come to expect instant access to digital files immediately upon purchase, and manual order fulfillment can lead to substantial delivery delays. Far more often than not, it’s best to work within a system which includes automated content delivery.
  • Marketing and promotional tools – You can’t sell a product when know one knows it’s there, regardless of how high in quality your files may be. To sell documents and forms successfully, you’ll need to target your audience with marketing campaigns and look for ways to increase your reach to new customers.

While it is possible to integrate each of these features into your business operations individually, it’s far more efficient and much easier to manage when you work with a comprehensive ecommerce service provider like These systems include not only payment processing and automated content delivery, but also access to powerful promotional tools and affiliate networks.

Why Sell Documents?

It’s easy to see why music, film and ebooks are popular products, but it’s not always easy to understand the value of selling products like documents, forms and templates. Whether you’re a legal expert capable of generating relevant forms, a teacher with great lesson plans or anything in between, you can make money by choosing to sell documents online as digital goods.


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