Using a Blog Site to Sell Your Books

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What’s holding you back from starting your own digital publishing imprint for your eBooks? Is it the perceived cost of building and maintaining a website? You don’t have to be a tech wizard or an experienced web designer to create a central sales hub for your eBooks; in fact, you can use a free blog site to sell your books to customers around the world. Partnering with quality service providers doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and can actually help you save money every step of the way. Find out how.

Sell Your Books, Minimize Startup Costs

If you’re like most authors new to the world of self-published eBooks, you don’t have a small fortune to invest in startup. Even if you do have access to a substantial amount of money, though, big spending in the beginning can come back to haunt you. Every penny you spend in the startup phase is another you’ll have to earn back just to break even, let alone reach profitability. Spend too much, and you could be looking at hundreds or even thousands of copies sold before you recoup the initial investment.

Fortunately, there are ways to cut costs at every turn. A professional website is expensive to build, and expensive to maintain. Free blog sites are a viable alternative, particularly when you partner with a strong eCommerce platform designed with ease of integration in mind. With a bit of copying and pasting simple HTML code, you’re able to turn a free blog site into a sales portal for your entire digital empire, no experience required. Services like do more than just allow you to skip the costly website, though. They give you access to all the tools you need to sell your books successfully.

Benefits of a Quality eCommerce Service Partner

When it comes to digital sales, there are a lot of moving parts. Once you have your products ready for market, the journey is just beginning. You’ll need reliable payment processing systems which protect your customers and yourself, secure file hosting to keep your products safe, and instant download access to keep your customers satisfied. Since you can’t sell to customers who don’t know your books exist, you’ll also need a marketing plan in place.

Cohesive sales systems bring all of these tools together under a single digital roof, which can then be seamlessly integrated into your chosen blog site. In a matter of moments, you can have your digital storefront up and running. Choosing a high-quality system with built-in affiliate network access helps you jumpstart your career immediately, by giving you the opportunity to boost the signal through marketing partners who only get paid when they help you make a sale. Explore your eCommerce options, and you’ll see that it’s easier than you ever dreamed to sell your books online.

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