Use Your Band’s Website to Sell Music

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Saying it’s not easy for a band or solo musician to break into the music industry is a very real understatement, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Using the power of the Internet and the global audience potential associated with the web can help you sell music to fans who would otherwise never learn of your project. Even without the support of major online music clearinghouses like iTunes, you can garner more attention for your project and generate more revenue from your music by taking advantage of the global reach afforded by the Internet. Rather than being discouraged by the difficulty of gaining placement in a major music sales marketplace, you just need to be dedicated to marketing material with confidence and determination.

Sell Music without Major Distribution

While it’s certainly easier to obtain large-scale recognition for your band or solo project when you have the backing of a major label and the luxury of a strong distribution deal, you don’t always need placement in the iTunes or Amazon store. In fact, your band’s website can become one of your most powerful selling tools, provided you’re prepared to maximize its potential.

The first consideration should be obtaining a memorable URL. This will provide both new and established fans with a central hub from which they can find information about any upcoming tour dates, news within the band and new recording projects. You can also integrate a sales page into the site which allows for seamless purchasing of individual songs, full albums and everything in between for maximum benefit.

Selling Music with a Band Website

Traditionally, adding a sales page to a band’s website requires full integration of high-end, third party shopping cart and ecommerce software. You would also need to obtain the appropriate certificates for processing credit cards and other forms of payment. Unless you plan to monitor your sales alerts around the clock, it will be necessary to include some form of automated file delivery system. For the average independent band, this can add up to a substantial amount of labor and a significant time investment, and may still not yield the desired results if one of these separate component systems fail.

A far better alternative is to work with an ecommerce solution like, which combines the most important elements of ecommerce with proven seller tools like affiliate networks and sales tracking. Automated content delivery, payment processing through the world’s most popular, trusted services and affiliate access all can be added to your website with a single HTML link. Your website can serve as the sales portal for your entire online business, helping you sell music while generating greater audience interest every step of the way.


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