Use PayLoadz to Sell Books Online


Are you an avid reader, wondering how you could convert your love for books into a business? Or maybe you are a budding writer that just finished your first book and want to learn how to sell it online? Either way, you can start selling eBooks as your own business with the help of, a digital download eCommerce service.

What Is an eCommerce Service?

If you are new to selling digital downloads, you probably never even knew eCommerce services existed. An eCommerce service helps those wanting to sell products online by handling the purchasing process for them. In the case of, they offer their services specifically for digital downloads. These products are handled differently than selling a physical product that must be packaged and shipped – instead they deliver the digital product automatically to the buyer as a download.

For eBooks, this is the perfect system. Writers and book sellers can use PayLoadz to handle the sales and delivery portion of their business, leaving them more time to create new books to sell. This partnership has worked great for many of people who are just getting started selling books online.

Why PayLoadz?

Of course PayLoadz is not the only company that offers an eCommerce service for those selling digital downloads like eBooks. However, they do have an excellent track record and offer many benefits that others don’t. Sellers report increases of sales of 1000% after a month using PayLoadz! Plus, they offer these excellent features that are included with their eCommerce service:

  • Payment processing. One of the most important aspects of selling products online is having a safe payment option. Buyers want to use protected services like Paypal or Google Wallet, which PayLoadz offers, along with supporting currencies from over 190 countries worldwide.
  • Secure delivery. The whole point of buying a digital product is immediate access. PayLoadz offers auto-delivery to your customers as soon as they buy your books online.
  • Marketing. PayLoadz helps you market your book with free access to their digital store and providing easy affiliate marketing as part of their service.
  • Business tools. Keep track of your sales with business reporting, view sales history, use easy multi-file/product upload and get free download delivery with PayLoadz.
  • Use anywhere. You can use your PayLoadz eCommerce service to process your book sales from anywhere – your own website, social media, eBay or right from the onsite digital store. It is a one-source service to take care of all your eBook sales.

Are you ready to get started selling your books online? Check out to help you get your new online book business off the ground.

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