Use PayLoadz for Selling Crafts


Do you have a flare for creating homemade crafts? There is big business in creating unique crafts that can’t be found in every large retail store. Even Amazon and other online distributers are beginning to understand the appeal of this niche market. But why let some large corporation take 20% or more of your profits? is the perfect place for selling digital crafts online.

Start Your Own Digital Download Craft Business

Your crafts can be more than just a hobby; they can be an excellent way to earn extra money from your home. Many people are turning their artistic talent into a great way to start their own business, whether they make jewelry, home decorations or other types of crafts. This niche market is growing among those that want to support small businesses and enjoy the unique nature of crafts that are created by hand.

So how can your craft business be turned into a digital download? While you may not be able turn your bead bracelets or table centerpieces into a digital download, you can explain how to make these crafts and sell those plans. Some craft ideas that can be sold as digital downloads include:

  • How-to eBooks. Write your own how-to eBook on how to make crafts from home. People love learning how to make these items on their own.
  • How-to videos. Sometimes it is easier to show someone how to make a craft than explain it in written words. You can create craft videos that can be stored as digital downloads.
  • For knitting, crochet, quilts and many other crafts, patterns are needed for intricate designs. These can be converted into digital downloads and sold online.

How PayLoadz can Help Build Your Craft Business

You can sell your crafts online but you still must worry about inventory, physical storage space and shipping. However if you sell how to make crafts though digital downloads, you eliminate the need for all this extra overhead. Once you have your digital product, you can use PayLoadz to handle your payment processing and secure digital delivery. is a digital download eCommerce service that helps people grow their online business. PayLoadz offers a digital storefront to sell your digital crafts, plus they process payments using trusted systems like PayPal and Google Wallet. In addition, they offer automatic digital delivery of your products to your customers. You can use their service in conjunction with your own website, social media and even online auction sites. It is fast and affordable to use, allowing you to keep more of your profits from your online craft business.

If you are ready to turn your craft hobby into a lucrative business, enlist the help of Make sure to check out their turn-key affiliate marketing options to grow your business faster.

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