Use Affiliate Marketing to Help Your Ebook Sell

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Have you created an eBook, yet you are still having trouble getting the right marketing in place to get the sales you want? Maybe you need to try a new approach. A great way to get your eBook out in front of more people is to join an affiliated marketing network. This type of shared marketing involves other people sharing your eBook with their network of followers, then receiving a small fee if someone buys your book through their web page. It is a great way to increase your book sales without doing anything extra on your end.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

You probably have seen affiliate marketing, yet didn’t even know it was an advertisement. Affiliate marketing is when a blogger, website owner or social media personality has an item for sale that is not their product. It could be a food blogger recommending a certain kitchen tool or brand of cooking ingredient, or a financial blogger giving two-thumbs up to a new book on saving money. These people are usually getting a stipend whenever one of their readers decides to follow through and buy the product online through a link provided on their page. It is a win-win type of marketing for both the business selling the product and for the person getting a little payment for recommending the product to their followers.

There are many benefits of using affiliate marketing for getting exposure for your eBook. Sell the book’s merits to those that have an audience that would enjoy your book and you have a great partnership. Unlike traditional marketing, these are not ads that people ignore. Affiliate marketing is often cleverly hidden within the words of a trusted source for information. People are more receptive and willing to buy when they think that it is just a recommendation, not an advertisement.

Selling eBooks with Affiliate Marketing

So how do you find the right affiliate marketing network? One of the best places to get started is right through where you should be selling your eBook already – an eCommerce service. Check out sites like that offer a digital store, payment processing, digital delivery of your eBook and affiliate marketing to increase your sales. In one easy service, you can get everything you need to bolster your online eBook sales and start realizing a larger profit for your writing talent.

When it comes to marketing your eBook, you need a large network on your side. With affiliate marketing through an eCommerce service, you can harness the power of social media and digital word of mouth, while getting a secure payment processing and digital delivery service, all rolled into one easy to use business tool. It is the best way to get the most exposure and sales for your eBook, with the least amount of upfront costs.

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