Understanding the Online Ebook Market

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While the exploding popularity of the ebook as a digital product is no secret, the market which drives these sales can be a bit mysterious to the uninitiated. Self-publishing on the Internet can help authors to make a profit from their work while establishing a marketable reputation, but it’s usually only those with a strong understanding of the online ebook market who turn their efforts into a resounding success. Before you start polishing your manuscript for ebook publishing, take the time to learn more about the ins and outs of this new publishing frontier.

The Online Ebook Market is Growing

You know the demand for ebooks has increased with the advent of ereaders and smartphones capable of running applications for reading, but what you may not realize is just how fast the online ebook market is growing. Global Entertainment and Media Outlook estimates that ebooks will make up about half of the total books sold in the United States by 2016. Sales of traditional books are also projected to decline during this continued growth in ebook sales, which means this is the time to start carving out your niche in the online ebook market.

Establishing your voice and brand name is important as the demand for electronic books continues to increase. As the demand grows, so too will the number of self-published authors struggling to break into the market. As a self-published author, you will be competing against crowds of other hopeful self-publishers for the attention and purchases of the existing customer base. The relative ease of self-publishing when compared to the traditional publishing world does come with a few pitfalls for some authors, though. While customers are becoming accustomed to retail-quality ebooks on a par with those offered by major publishing houses, the relative ease of self-publishing will result in lower-quality content. Part of establishing yourself and building your reputation is making a point of setting yourself apart from those authors by investing in editing and careful formatting.

Breaking into the Ebook Market

Making your ebooks available through a plethora of online markets can dramatically increase both sales and profits. In addition to major outlets like Amazon’s Kindle Store and the Barnes and Noble Nook store, you’ll also want to make sure your customers can purchase your ebooks from your personal website and through social media promotional links. This is where an ecommerce platform like PayLoadz can be an infinitely useful tool. Purchasing through major ebook retailers like Amazon and Kobo has caused readers to become accustomed to instant delivery, which they will expect when they purchase through your personal outlets. Ecommerce platforms which integrate instant content delivery and payment processing through reputable sources like PayPal and Google Wallet also come with other valuable seller tools. You can break into the online ebook market and make a profitable splash by working to reach your customers through a variety of sales outlets.

With the right marketing, great content and a measure of determination, you could become the next online ebook market success story.


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