Understanding PayPal IPN

PayPal For Digital Goods

PayPal is one of the most popular methods of sending and receiving payments on the web, and a vital tool for sellers of digital products. While much of the system is straightforward and easy to understand, there are some features of which power sellers may need to avail themselves, which can be a bit more complex. Understanding PayPal IPN on a basic level is important for online merchants, though there are ways of bypassing these complicated tools while still accessing the same valuable benefits. Automating content delivery and sales notifications doesn’t have to require complex coding and web design; sellers just need to know a few valuable tricks to simplify the process and streamline their sales approach.

How it Works: Understanding PayPal IPN

When a transaction is initiated involving your PayPal account, be it a sale, a dispute or a request for payment cancellation, PayPal’s Instant Payment Notification sends a message through a listener application. Once received by the listener application, also referred to as a handler, the message is passed along to administrative processes. When a notification arrives, your listening software may trigger order fulfillment for digital goods, update your records or generate a task list based upon the type of notification which was received.

You establish a URL hosted on your own website which is then entered into your PayPal merchant profile where automatic notifications will be sent. By understanding PayPal IPN, you can automate delivery of digital products to ensure immediate access to your customers. With the information collected by the listener application, you can also update your inventory accordingly, update customer lists, issue refunds where necessary or email shipping notifications for tangible goods.

Utilizing PayPal IPN Capabilities

On some level, all merchants who use PayPal for payment processing use some aspect of the PayPal IPN service. Unless you’re an advanced developer or coder, however, taking advantage of the most intricate aspects of the program can become difficult and complicated. For the average seller, working with a content delivery service who handles order fulfillment and enables immediate downloads is much easier and less time consuming. Services like PayLoadz.com offer all the perks of PayPal IPN services without the headache. The average merchant can avail themselves of progressive content delivery, payment processing through trusted services like PayPal and Google Wallet and sales notifications without understanding PayPal IPN intricacies. Advanced content delivery services integrate PayPal IPN tools automatically, so most sellers will not need to set up an advanced IPN system.


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