Turning Digital Art into Cash

Sell Digital Art

Digital art may be difficult to hang in a physical gallery, but it still offers those who create it a chance to turn their passions into earning potential. With the power and global audience of the Internet, you can bring your digital art creations into the online marketplace. Expanding your reach, earning money and starting an online business doesn’t have to be impossibly difficult, either. With a basic understanding of eCommerce principals, you can start turning your passion into cash sooner than you ever realized by selling digital art online.

Creating a Platform for Selling Digital Art

Establishing an online presence is crucial when it comes to selling digital art. Building your own personal website allows you to increase brand recognition, and a memorable URL makes it easy for repeat customers to visit your own little corner of the Internet whenever they like. Still, you’ll need to put in a bit of work if you’re planning to use your personal website as a sales platform. Look for digital delivery services and comprehensive eCommerce concepts like PayLoadz.com, which allow you to integrate proven shopping cart, online payment processing, affiliate marketing and content delivery in one swoop. A great content delivery service can be linked to your personal website sales page, or work as a standalone hub for selling your digital art.

Look for platforms which allow integration of major online payment processing brands like PayPal and Google Wallet. Not only do they offer security and efficiency, but also put your customers at ease by allowing them to complete transactions with a payment processing company they trust.

Finding a Market for Your Work

Digital art has a staggering array of uses, and as such is attractive to a wildly diverse audience. In order to make money by selling your digital art, though, you need to find your market and actively promote your work.

Social media is a great way to keep your audience in the loop about new creations and sales, and allows your customers to share updates they find particularly interesting. This expands your reach to their friends and followers, which can make a noticeable difference in your sales activity. Another important tool may be affiliate marketing, in which you pay a small percentage of your total profits on affiliate-generated sales to the marketing affiliate. They make money by helping you make money, and everyone wins.

Promotion is Essential

You have a wealth of potential customers around the world when you choose to sell digital art on the Internet. In order to make the sale, however, those customers need to know you exist. You can’t sell to people who aren’t aware of your work, so make a point of promoting yourself whenever you can. Take advantage of the networking opportunities offered by social media, keep your blog content up to date, and make a point of adding new content to your store on a regular basis to keep past customers coming back for more. Never pass up an opportunity to promote your work, and you’ll be turning your digital art into cold, hard cash in no time.


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