Turning a Social Media Post into a Photo Sale

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Social media is an indispensable tool for online content creators. You know it’s vital to carefully build your presence across the most popular social networks, but did you know you can turn a single post into your first photo sale? You don’t need an expensive, complicated website requiring an enormous amount of maintenance to sell your pictures; all you need is the right tools and services, along with a business model designed around cutting-edge sales technology.

Make a Post, Make a Photo Sale

Your goal as a photographer may be to create art, but your primary goal as a new business owner is to sell products. Your journey to profitability, as well as a long and rewarding career, begins with a single photo sale.

The first step for many photographers, especially those who specialize in stock photography, is to secure an account with one of the major stock websites. Depending upon which site these photographers choose, they may earn a flat fee in exchange for unlimited redistribution rights, or a share of the profits each time one of their photos is chosen. This option can yield quick results, but these artists immediately agree to surrender the majority of their earnings to a clearinghouse site. For more ambitious creators, selling directly to buyers allows for greater control, along with higher earnings.

When you choose a system which allows for simple, cut-and-paste HTML linking to your own web store, you’re able to drive traffic with each and every social media post. Your followers see your post, follow the link and make a purchase. You make a photo sale and earn a profit, all with a single post.

Launching a Web Store the Easy Way

You know you want to skip the expense and headache of maintaining a complex personal website, but how do you proceed? The first step to an informed decision is to first understand what you need, as a merchant, in order to succeed.

First, you’ll need to be able to receive money from your buyers, and you’ll need a system in place which allows them to pay for their goods securely. Trusted names like PayPal and Google Wallet are the best options, but these services only offer payment processing. You won’t be able to secure the file hosting, automated content delivery and valuable marketing tools you need to succeed unless you work with a dedicated eCommerce platform. Services like PayLoadz.com seamlessly integrate trustworthy payment processors with all of these vital tools while offering the simple HTML linking capability that allows you to turn all of your social media posts into another photo sale.

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