Turn Your Website Into a Sales Portal and Sell Digital Goods

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If you already have a personal website and are considering the myriad benefits of selling digital goods online, you don’t have to invest in a complete overhaul of your existing site to bring those plans to fruition. With the right tools and service partnerships, you can use simple, cut-and-paste HTML links to turn your site into fully functioning sales portal.

How a Sales Portal Helps You Sell Digital Goods

For many new online merchants, an official website with he capability of facilitating transactions seems like a non-negotiable tool. While a well-designed and professional-looking website with a memorable URL is an invaluable marketing tool, it doesn’t have to be capable of direct sales support in order to reach optimal effectiveness. The site is most useful as a means of interacting with customers through embedded blogs and breaking announcements, and for communicating important information to potential buyers, not necessarily as a fully operational sales site.

Turning your existing site into one with a self-contained sales page is an expensive venture, and such a large investment will affect short-term profitability of your new business. Because you can’t start turning a profit until you’ve recouped the initial startup costs, it’s always best to keep up-front investment numbers low. The best and most effective way of limiting startup costs related to your official website is to turn it into a sales portal, rather than a fully independent marketplace.

Sell Digital Goods Successfully: Choose the Right Partners

To utilize your existing website without investing large sums into sales functionality, it’s best to work with a reliable ecommerce platform service, like PayLoadz.com. A high-quality ecommerce platform not only provides content hosting, which can be expensive and difficult to maintain through your own website, but also payment processing and automated order fulfillment, both of which are vital to the success of your business.

Payment processing is an important piece of the puzzle for those who sell digital goods online, due in no small part to reasonable concerns about identity theft. When your customers are only given the option of turning their sensitive financial information directly over to a merchant they do no know, many will ultimately choose not to complete a purchase. By seamlessly integrating payment processing through trusted services like PayPal and Google Wallet, a reputable ecommerce platform aids substantially in customer retention.

Because today’s online buyer is also accustomed to gaining access to their files immediately upon completing a transaction, choosing to manually monitor sales alerts and deliver products isn’t usually a financially sound choice for those who sell digital goods. Sales alerts are easy to miss, and there’s a significant margin of error when you rely upon manual order fulfillment. An ecommerce platform provides automated content delivery in addition to reliable hosting and secure payment processing, not to mention access to valuable seller and marketing tools. The right service partner can help you transform your website into a lucrative sales portal with no additional web design investment, streamline your business and help set you up for online sales success.


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