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You’ve emerged from the novel writing and editing process victorious, with a completed manuscript ready for publishing. As the market currently stands, authors are left with three primary options for distribution of their novels: traditional publishing, self-publishing in print or turning their novels into an ebook download for digital distribution. While each of these three options offers their own set of benefits and risks, self-publishing in digital formats can be the best option for writers with limited start-up funding and an interest in controlling their own intellectual property.

Self-Publishing to an Ebook Download: Weighing Your Options

For some writers, the appeal of major distribution in chain bookstores and the trappings of traditional publishing are a desired goal. A fraction of these hopeful authors may find their work on the shelves of a local bookstore after months or even years of wrangling, but the majority will find themselves frustrated by rejection slips and the tedious query process. For these authors, self-publishing becomes the most logical choice.

After settling upon self-publishing, authors are still left with two choices: self-publishing for print, or self-publishing for ebook download. Print-on-demand services have made it a bit easier for authors to obtain physical copies of their books, but it’s still a prohibitively expensive process which often requires thousands of dollars in up-front investments before the dream is realized. Writers who don’t have such funding at their disposal aren’t necessarily priced out of the self-publishing business, however. Publishing your novel as an ebook download and then selling ebooks online requires a significant investment of time and effort, but can be significantly less expensive than print self-publishing.

Selling Ebooks Online: How to Be Successful

Because your books will not be presented on the shelves of bookstores to catch the eye of browsing buyers, you’ll need to come up with an aggressive marketing plan if your intention is selling ebooks online. After all, new readers can’t become avid fans of a book of which they’re totally unaware. There are publicists and PR firms who will handle marketing for novels self-published to ebook download, but their services are usually very expensive. For the average new author, selling ebooks online will require dedication, commitment and an open-minded approach to marketing.

When it comes to selling ebooks, it’s equally important for new authors to set up a reputable online store which inspires confidence in buyers. This means working with trusted payment processing services like PayPal and Google Wallet while offering superior customer support and instant access to your ebook the moment a transaction is completed. This is where ecommerce platforms like PayLoadz.com can make a real difference in your sales. A comprehensive ecommerce solution will provide instant access for your customers, along with secure payment processing options. You’ll also be able to take advantage of valuable selling tools and access to a powerful affiliate marketing network which helps you spread the word about your book on the Internet.

With the right tools and a strong marketing plan, you can use the Internet to tap into a worldwide audience who will buy, read and eventually recommend your books. You’ll retain full control of your intellectual property, and will be able to manage your brand however you see fit, making a profit while building your reputation as an author.


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