Top Ways to Market Your Book

Sell Books Online

Book marketing is a highly competitive field, and it can be difficult to catch the attention of potential book buyers. Several book marketing methods can let you achieve impressive results if you use them efficiently. The following 10 book marketing ideas can help you showcase your eBook or hard copy book. Some can be used simultaneously for book marketing.

  1. 1. PayLoadz: People are increasingly reading more eBooks than physical books. PayLoadz is a platform for marketing and selling eBooks. It provides an online marketplace to display eBooks and an affiliate network to promote eBooks.

  2. 2. Amazon: Whether you are selling books or eBooks, you should have an author page on Amazon. As the largest bookseller in the world, Amazon can provide great exposure for your books. For eBooks, Amazon provides the Kindle store that you can use to display your eBooks.

  3. 3. PR Agencies: With the numerous resources and professional expertise made available to you through a PR agency, you can market your book successfully. Be careful when selecting a PR agency. Consider past performance of the agency, client testimonials and the cost.

  4. 4. Guest Blogging: Writing a guest post on popular blogs relevant to the book’s subject can be a beneficial book marketing activity. Guest blogging can get you an audience that is interested in your book’s subject. Such an audience might also be interested in your book.

  5. 5. Reviews from Influential Bloggers: Send your book to influential bloggers for review and ask for testimonials. Influential bloggers have a large following that might read reviews about your book.

  6. 6. Online Book Clubs: Online book clubs can highlight what you have written. Book clubs are given access to your work for a discount or free. Readers can write testimonials that provide you with more reviews of your work.

  7. 7. Facebook: Your network of friends and family can help create an interest in your book among their networks and can be an effective book marketing tool for you. Because Facebook can reach people with similar interests to yours, start a page about your book and engage with readers.

  8. 8. Twitter: Twitter can bring social attention and word-of-mouth publicity to your book. Don’t use it as just an advertising medium; engage with your followers.

  9. 9. LinkedIn: Market your strengths here, such as any business knowledge you have. If you write business books, be present on LinkedIn and establish yourself as a thought leader on the subject of your book.

  10. 10. Goodreads: Your target audience might want to know what to read next, what their friends are reading or discover new authors. Goodreads provides this information, and it might provide your book to its audience. Goodreads also provides several tools to authors, such as an author page and blog, for book marketing.

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