Top Ten Products to Sell as a Pay Download

Software Distribution

For millions of entrepreneurs around the world, selling digital goods is the next big thing. Almost any of the physical media you’ve been consuming over the last few decades can now be created, packaged and sold as pay downloads on the Internet, with payment and delivery all taking place in the blink of an eye. The options are so versatile, you may be shocked to realize just how many of your favorite products can be sold for a profit online as a pay download.

  • 1.) EbooksWith the widespread popularity of dedicated ereader devices and smartphone apps, ebooks are among the most popular pay download products sold on the Internet today.
  • 2.) Music –The days of picking up a compact disc at the local chain music store are over, as the majority of these outlets have closed their doors forever. These days, most music is purchased and distributed as MP3 files, sold online by signed and independent artists alike.
  • 3.) SoftwareIndependent software designers are able to make a profit by developing and distributing their own programs, allowing more developers to cater to niche audiences online.
  • 4. ) Audio BooksBook lovers who don’t have time to read can still lose themselves in a great story with audio books, which are becoming a hot commodity for self-published authors to sell online as pay downloads.
  • 5.) Videos – While streaming sites may be wildly popular, there’s still quite a market for direct purchase of digital video files. Videos in any genre can be a lucrative product, and are a popular choice among merchants and content creators who specialize in selling digital goods.
  • 6.) Art – From high art in digital format to clipart used for decorating web pages and print media, art is a strong seller online. Graphic designers and digital artists can monetize their talents, offering files as pay downloads online.
  • 7.) Photography – From stock photography designed for more utilitarian uses to artistic and creative photographic endeavors, digital photography is a strong performer in the world of digital goods.
  • 8.) Video GamesAAA titles from major developers aren’t the only video games sold online. There’s a thriving audience for independently developed games, and they’re a popular product for online merchants.
  • 9.) Documents Document templates and forms are a strong seller for business and legal professionals, who can earn money while helping customers avoid the fees associated with custom forms.
  • 10.) Crafting PatternsCraft patterns, especially knitting patterns, tend to be a strong seller for online merchants. As pay downloads, these patterns perform particularly well and are strong earners for content creators.

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