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Whether you want to sell software, eBooks, music or other digital media, you need a digital shopping cart. The top shop software companies mentioned below explain special features. Each company has something to offer for a different price range. For instance, PayLoadz offers a free account and a premium account with more features. Vendio offers three paid packages, all with different features. Comparing the different shop software helps ensure you have the right product for your e-commerce business based on what you want to sell, how you want to sell it, and where you wish to sell it.

  1. 1. PayLoadz: Running a digital downloads business requires secure downloads, secure file server storage, and an option for pay per download. PayLoadz offers all this and more, including several payment options to make certain that customers can pay any way they like.

  1. 2. Shopify: In today’s world, it’s necessary to market for mobile commerce, apps and online, which Shopify offers. As an e-commerce business, you can develop your own store, a storefront on its site and a mobile site.

  1. 3. Bigcommerce: Apart from offering an easy-to-use shop software, Bigcommerce offers several apps that provide easy integration with third-party services such as Quickbooks, MailChimp and Facebook.

  1. 4. Volusion: Volusion offers several tools to build and promote e-commerce websites. One of the tools is vZoom, which provides shoppers with high-quality detailed images of products. Volusion also offers a tool to sell products on Facebook.

  1. 5. AmeriCommerce: Management control is necessary to run a proper software shop. With AmeriCommerce, you have a unified management console that allows you to manage and monitor your site from one administration interface. This includes any independently hosted site and storefront you have.

  1. 6. FoxyCart: If you are looking for a no-frills solution that offers a shopping cart and checkout system, FoxyCart is worth trying. This shop software is for those with programming capabilities or external support for programming.

  1. 7. Pinnacle Cart: Reaching your consumers is easy with the free Facebook and Mobile Store features at Pinnacle Cart. You can create e-commerce sites for both options in the Pinnacle Cart Control Panel to enable you to sell your products to more people.

  1. 8. CoreCommerce: CoreCommerce offers a mobile site and a Facebook store feature. Another important feature comes with support for drop shipping for those sellers who don’t stock products themselves.

  1. 9. 3DCart: This shop software helps create an online store quickly with several templates to choose from to set up the storefront. 3DCart also focuses on search engine optimization and provides 25 SEO tools.

  1. 10. Vendio: Packages with Vendio include unique product stock keeping units, storage, an online store with shopping cart included and marketplace integration. You can purchase one of three packages to ensure you have everything you need for your e-commerce site.

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