Top 10 Ways to Start Selling Digital Products

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To start selling digital products, you need a platform, shopping cart and a website. The top 10 ways or places to start selling digital products offer everything you need on one site. You have the tools to begin selling, marketing and making money with these sites:

  1. 1. PayLoadz: Our top choice, this digital goods platform offers a range of tools for marketing, bulk uploads of digital products, automated delivery and a host of other features to sell digital goods.

  2. 2. E-junkie: This digital goods platform lets you have a storefront, automated delivery and numerous shopping carts from which to choose.

  3. 3. ClickBank: ClickBank is a popular service for selling digital goods. ClickBank focuses on selling digital goods through its large affiliate network.

  4. 4. Digital Delivery App: You sell downloads, subscriptions, services, licenses and tangible goods on this site. There is an automated delivery service, which makes it easy to sell digital products for a small fee or to become an affiliate to start selling.

  5. 5. eBay: Auctions are just the beginning for eBay. There are also “buy now” buttons that allow you to sell anything, including digital products.

  6. 6. Amazon: Selling digital goods on Amazon is simple and possible by starting a free or merchant business account. Anyone can list digital goods on Amazon, such as eBooks, software and documents, as well as link back to an independent site.

  7. 7. PayPal: A merchant account with PayPal gives you the opportunity to sell digital products on your site without customers ever leaving your website. They do not need to login to their PayPal account via the PayPal site if you have a merchant account. Instead, the login page comes up on your website for a quick and easy payment form to sell digital products.

  8. 8. Google Wallet: Google Wallet offers you a way to sell digital products to more than 140 countries. Google Wallet helps sellers connect with buyers and convert visitors to sales. You can use this option with your website to sell digital goods. You just need a Google account to sign up.

  9. 9. Pulley: Pulley provides a place to sell a variety of digital products such as eBooks, photography, software, art, music and videos. It provides simple, secure and automatic delivery anywhere in the world you want to sell your goods. You can also sell from Twitter, Facebook, a blog, your own website and storefronts.

  10. 10. FetchApp: This digital delivery application allows you to sell downloadable products with a simple and seamless integration to your own website. Multiple shopping carts and payment systems can be used with FetchApp, including PayPal, Google Wallet, Bigcommerce, and Shopify.

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