Top 10 Ways to Sell Your Software

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You have developed software for sale. You maybe had an expert examine it to ensure it’s complete with a professional shine. You are now ready to sell your product on the open market. This requires a sales platform or marketplace to sell software. The following are the top 10 places to sell your software:

  1. 1. PayLoadz: PayLoadz provides a secure and automated solution to sell and deliver software products. With PayLoadz, you can sell software through a number of channels, including your own website, your blog, the PayLoadz Store or eBay. With PayLoadz, more than 20 currencies are accepted from over 90 countries. This helps ensure you don’t lose a sale. The process of selling is easy and quick. You could be selling software within minutes, free of charge. Fees only start when you cross a certain level of revenue from sales.

  2. 2. EBay: This well known auction site can be used to sell software by using the “Buy Now” payment option. Software sellers can benefit from the exposure to large numbers of users who visit the site.

  3. 3. E-junkie: E-junkie is a well known player in the digital goods sales platform market, just as PayLoadz is. There’s a monthly fee based on the number of products sold, and there are storage space requirements.

  4. 4. Amazon: Amazon, the largest online retailer, provides a place to sell software along with other products. People usually find software products from large brands selling on Amazon.

  5. 5. OSCommerce: Everything you need from an open source commerce solution can be found here. OSCommerce is an e-commerce solution for people who wish to sell software through their own websites and have the technical capabilities to develop and maintain the systems.

  6. 6. OneNetworkDirect: OneNetworkDirect is an affiliate marketing network for industry-leading software products. It focuses on selling software through affiliates.

  7. 7., a service from CNET, sells and distributes software products through as well as its network of other sites.

  8. 8. Avangate: Avangate is an e-commerce solution provider for software creators. Using Avangate, you can sell the software that is downloaded on computers as well as web-based software that is accessed on the Internet.

  9. 9. PayPro Global: This Canadian company lets you sell software. It is designed as a reselling and distribution service. It provides you with tools and services to sell your software online throughout the world.

  10. 10. RegNow: Distributing your product through the RegNow affiliate system helps you grow your sales. This global connection place accepts multiple currencies. RegNow also offers a coupon management tool to use if you want to offer a discount on your software.

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