Top 10 Ways to Sell Your Digital Music

ways to sell your digital music

Before digital music and the Internet, musical artists relied on recording studio contracts. A recording contract could make or break a career. Even if you earned a contract, you still needed to convince record shop retailers to stock your music and radio stations to play it.

PayPal, music and online content delivery services combine to make the sale of your independent music fast and easy. This gives new artists a wider audience reach. Digital files like mp3 sell on many Web-based content delivery services. This lets you focus on your creative endeavors while leaving the business side to website professionals.

PayPal pushes music creators to think beyond a pop or country song. The Internet allows musicians to efficiently promote, distribute and market their music or digital music products online. If a downloadable music file or mp3 sell, these digital downloads can make you money even if they are never played on the radio.


  1. 1. Online Market—Many e-commerce websites are available, such as CDBaby or TuneCore, where you can sell your digital music. If you want more personal control, develop your own website and downloadable files, like mp3, and sell directly from your site.
  2. 2. Commercials—Even smaller companies need musical accompaniment to their online commercials or informational videos. Promote your skills through your own website, or join a website development team. Musicians who don’t expect to achieve mainstream musical success have discovered instant fame when their song becomes popular from a television commercial.
  3. 3. Video Games—Video game designers need musical scores for their video game products. This is a growing niche market.
  4. 4. Digital Short Films—Freelance websites offer opportunities for musicians to sell music by teaming up with smaller movie producers to provide quality sound recordings.
  5. 5. Music as Downloadable Art—Music can be inexpensive, but expressive. Audio works of art can be downloaded simply by using PayPal. Music delivery services like iTunes made it widely accepted to spend 99 cents on musical selections you enjoy.
  6. 6. Mobile Apps—Many mobile app designers need music, even if it’s a simple jingle.
  7. 7. Ringtones—Many aspiring musicians make a good living by writing their own creative ringtones or rerecording instrument-only versions of popular songs.
  8. 8. Radio or Television Jingles—Radio and television stations need to build their brands. Music connects people and can create a bond between a station and its audience. The right jingle could be a few song lyrics or instrumentation.
  9. 9. YouTube—Offering your music for free can earn you money and fame in the long run. If you make your own videos and develop an online audience, your downloadable music files, often an mp3, sell themselves.
  10. 10.  Sheet Music—Songwriters no longer need to sell their copyrighted music directly to publishing houses. They can sell it directly online by creating downloadable sheet music files.


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