Top 10 Ways to Sell Video Online

Sell Video Online

Cellphones have become mobile entertainment devices capable of storing and playing hours of video. Content providers can now generate income by selling videos online and allowing their customers to download copies of their purchased videos. A variety of methods exist for selling videos online, each with varying degrees of potential success. These 10 methods can put you on the road to earning money by selling online videos in no time:

1. Personal Websites – Your personal website is an ideal place to promote your video products. If you’ve integrated an e-commerce system, you can manage content delivery and payment processing to handle the entire transaction with minimal effort.

2. Blogs – Use your blog as a promotional tool for your videos. Provide links to sites where your videos can be purchased and downloaded. This is an ideal way to tap into the existing audience made up by your current group of readers.

3. ITunesSelling your videos through iTunes can be labor intensive, but it can also be a valuable marketing tool. In most cases, unless you meet the stringent criteria, you can’t sell your content through iTunes. You can, however, offer select videos as free video podcasts. This can help you promote the rest of your video products.

4. Amazon CreateSpace – The online publishing tools offered by Amazon CreateSpace are simple for users with some experience, and they are free. Supported formats include books, DVDs, CDs, video downloads and Amazon MP3s. This makes it easy to offer your products to Amazon shoppers.

5. YouTubeAs with iTunes, you can’t sell your videos directly using YouTube. However, YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world. You should promote your work there by posting a few free videos. You can then direct the audience to a website where they can purchase more.

6. PayPal – To sell your videos using nothing but PayPal, you’ll need to be vigilant about checking your email to ensure that you can send a purchased video to your customers as soon as possible after they submit their payment.

7. Videolla – If you want to earn money by selling videos and don’t mind selling content created by someone else, work with’s commission and affiliate program.

8. MindBites – MindBites allows video content creators to upload their videos via the author dashboard. Set pricing and select a variety of other options before adding the content to the store.

9. SmugMug – SmugMug allows merchants to sell downloadable videos in sizes optimized for the Web, iPods and DVD. Choose mid-def, hi-def and full HD after setting up an account.

10. is a content delivery system that can be integrated with PayPal, Google Checkout and other payment processing platforms for seamless content delivery, payment collection and processing. Immediately upon payment, customers are directed to a URL that allows them instant access to their newly purchased downloadable video.

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