Top 10 Ways to Sell My eBook

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You’ve finished your masterpiece and are ready to put it out there for public consumption. With the advent of the e-reader and the subsequent rise in the popularity of eBooks, aspiring authors around the world have unprecedented reach. You now have the chance to self-publish your works without being subject to the whims of major publishing houses. Here are the top 10 ways to begin selling your eBook online:

1. – There are two separate self-publishing options through online mega-retailer the Create Space service and publishing to the Kindle store. Either option gives you access to the huge Amazon audience, but you need to promote heavily to ensure that your book doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

2. – The system allows you to upload your eBook and to set up your account. You then sit back and let PayLoadz do all the work. Content delivery and payment processing are handled with this one service, giving you more time to handle marketing and promotions.

3. ClickBank – An e-commerce site designed to facilitate online sales of digital products, ClickBank’s strength lies with its sizable pool of affiliate marketing partners to help generate buzz.

4. Smashwords – Smashwords is an e-commerce site dedicated solely to the sale of eBooks. It helps self-published authors master the finer points of formatting and editing, while also providing a sales platform.

5. BookBaby – BookBaby is a self-publishing e-commerce site that allows people to retain 100 percent of the profits, but it requires a one-time startup fee of $99 to establish service.

6. Barnes and Noble –Barnes and Noble has a popular Nook device. Create an account, upload your book and cover art, and let PubIt convert your files to ePUB format so it can be sold in the Nook Store.

7. Lulu – Lulu helps users self-publish through the eBook format or to produce a limited run of hard-copy books. It promotes and sells them through the dedicated marketplace.

8. Shopify – The Shopify service facilitates the creation of a dedicated e-commerce online store for purveyors of all manner of goods, from digital to tangible. You configure your settings, upload your products and start accepting orders.

9. Instabuck – Instabuck is a commission-free e-commerce site that simplifies the process of selling digital files online. Users are urged to upload any digital files they’ve created for sale through Instabuck, including self-published eBooks.

10. UploadNSell – The beauty of UploadNSell lies in the ability to sell your eBook free, with no hidden charges or fees aside from those of your payment processing service. Users are limited to five files, with a total file size limit of 30MB.

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