Top 10 Ways of Selling MP3 Files Online

Selling mp3

The Internet allows independent musicians the potential to reach a global audience without relying on a major recording label, but listeners around the world need a way to purchase your music. Using the marketing and promotional tools made available by social media and other online outlets, you can generate a buzz about your music. Here are 10 online services that can help you make money from music sales without pressing physical copies of your album:

  1. 1. Bandcamp – Bandcamp is a nonexclusive service that allows acts to upload and sell music by using the hosting and content delivery options offered. Bandcamp takes no ownership rights. The site also automatically adds metadata to all downloadable tracks.
  2. 2. eBay – While eBay is mostly known as an auction site, musicians can use the “Buy it Now” option to sell music for a set price. Using eBay requires you to handle content delivery manually.
  3. 3. Amazon – Through Amazon’s Create Space, you can upload your band’s MP3 files for sale in one of the Internet’s largest marketplaces. There’s also a detailed help and support system in place to help content creators navigate the uploading and product creation process.
  4. 4. PayLoadz – is a content delivery service that integrates seamlessly with a variety of online payment processing services, including PayPal and Google Checkout. It also offers PayLoadz Store listings.
  5. 5. Personal Websites – Selling MP3s of your music through your website allows your fans to visit a dedicated site with a memorable URL to find new information and purchase new music from one location. Using this option requires you to invest in e-commerce software and payment processing options and to handle content delivery demands yourself.
  6. 6. CD Baby – While CD Baby distributes physical copies of albums, its true specialty is helping independent artists get their music into iTunes, Amazon MP3 and a plethora of popular music sites around the Web.
  7. 7. TuneCore – TuneCore is an online service that assists independent musicians in promotion, marketing and sales by getting their work into Spotify, iTunes and other major outlets. Tunecore also allows members to retain 100% of the proceeds from those sales.
  8. 8. E-junkie – E-junkie is an e-commerce platform that handles content distribution and payment processing for digital content creators and is used by some musicians as a means of selling their MP3 files.
  9. 9. PaySpree – PaySpree is both an e-commerce platform and an affiliate marketing network. It handles the content delivery aspect of digital MP3 sales while putting promotion into the hands of affiliates.
  10. 10. ClickBank – Digital content creators, including musicians and bands, can use the services offered by ClickBank, which include content delivery and affiliate marketing programs, to boost visibility and promotion.


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