Top 10 Types of Documents to Sell Online


Thanks to the Internet’s power to make an endless array of digital products available to a global audience, a booming market for digital documents has emerged. A wide variety of document types can be found for sale online, some more popular and in higher demand than others. These 10 document types are among the most sought-after and can have lucrative sales potential for the creators who market them properly:

1. Instructional EBook – Whether it’s short and to the point or incredibly in-depth and detailed, the instructional eBook is a popular document. Because purchasers can gain a variety of valuable new skills from these inexpensive digital files, they’re flying off the virtual shelves.

2. EBook Novels – The advent of e-readers like the Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook have created a strong market for affordably priced eBook novels. This gives a generation of aspiring authors the chance to sell their works while bypassing traditional publishing methods.

3. Articles – News and opinion websites always need new content. This makes articles a big seller in the digital realm.

4. Legal Documents – Simple legal documents have a variety of uses, but it can be prohibitively expensive to have them drawn up by an attorney. Templates for work agreements and other simple legal documents and contracts can be purchased online and personalized for a fraction of the cost. This makes them a popular digital document purchase.

5. Checklists – Whether they’re intended to be used in their existing digital format or designed as printable documents, checklists for everything from babysitter instructions to moving to-do lists are available online and are a favorite of highly-organized types.

6. Planners and Calendars – The new generation of planner might be contained in a mobile device or smartphone, but there’s still a significant market for those that can be used on a computer or printed as tangible copies.

7. Chore Charts – Motivating kids to do their chores can be difficult, which is the reason many parents turn to digital downloads of printable chore charts that kids can stamp, apply stickers to or draw on as each task is completed.

8. Disciplinary and Reward Charts – Documenting kids’ bad behavior or celebrating what they do right as a reward is a popular disciplinary method employed by caregivers, teachers and parents. Digital downloads of these documents are popular with people who work with children. This earns them a spot on the Top Document Downloads list.

9. Educational Materials – Educators have an almost unlimited supply of teaching aids, worksheets and other materials at their disposal, thanks to creators that sell these documents online. Designed to complement a variety of curricula and philosophies, there’s definitely something out there for every teacher and homeschooler.

10. Sales and Marketing Forms – Sample marketing plans and sales templates can be popular with professionals who work within the industry. The wide variety of samples and templates ensure there’s something for every type of project.

Once documents are created, a seller must develop a means of marketing, processing sales and delivering digital documents. is a sales and delivery service available to handle all these areas, either through the e-store or your own website.

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