Top 10 Types of Documents to Sell Online

Signing a Document

Numerous documents are available online for sale. Almost any type of document, whether it is legally based or informational, can be found for sale online. Ten documents are more popular to sell online than any other. These top 10 ideas are listed below as a way to help you establish your e-commerce website selling documents online.

  • 1. EBooks: An eBook can be a training manual, fiction, nonfiction or a how-to guide. Just as we turn to computers for many of our needs, we turn to them for our reading materials, too. Environmental movements to save trees by using less paper also help ensure paper books will probably become a format of the past, and eBooks will dominate.

  • 2. Whitepapers: Whitepapers are technical documents. They could be about architecture, economics, securities, software or more. They have a report format with a distinctive purpose, audience and organization to explain the topic discussed. Businesses often use whitepapers, which increases the need for these documents to be sold online.

  • 3. Business Plans: Those who are interested in starting their own business and those who wish to approach investors need to create a business plan. Business plan templates are one of the most sought-after documents. This corresponds with the growth in the number of people starting their own businesses.

  • 4. Financial Templates: Templates for financial statements such as balance sheets, cash flow statements and income and expense statements are popular among startups.

  • 5. Templates: Templates can include business plans, financial templates, business card designs, PowerPoint presentation templates and others. Templates help people create content easily.

  • 6. Presentations: Presentations are shared for free and sold online. Training material, research reports and survey results are usually shared in the form of presentations.

  • 7. Wills: The last will and testament document is the most commonly downloaded legal document online. A person with a simple estate can use a will template to create last wishes instead of paying high fees to lawyers.

  • 8. Teaching Tools: Students look online to find the documents they need. This includes synopses of books, math explanations and quick history guides to help with their lessons.

  • 9. Employment Documents: Business documents, such as employee contracts, are often downloaded online, especially for new businesses with little capital to spend for a lawyer.

  • 10. Articles & Research Papers: This grouping of similar document downloads are popular. Any type of paper—whether it is drafted as an article, research paper or newsletter—can be a top document download business. Articles and research papers are often drafted to the client before being downloaded; however, special topics could be written beforehand for immediate sale.

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