Top 10 Types of Art to Sell Online

Digital Art

Talented visual artists have a large potential to reach customers with the Internet. Gifted creators can gain access to art aficionados around the world simply by promoting and marketing their work online. There are as many different styles and types of digital art as there are digital artists, but these 10 are among the most popular with online buyers:

1. Graphic Designs – Everything from small corporate logos to major website designs are created daily, which is the reason graphic designers find themselves at the top of the pile when it comes to digital artists in high demand.

2. Computer Graphics – Unlike corporate graphic design, which focuses largely on logos and branding, the world of computer graphics can run the gamut from high fantasy to photorealistic renderings designed for a variety of uses.

3. Illustrations – Illustrations for digital comic books, children’s eBooks and diagrams for instructional Web articles and eBooks are in high demand. This creates a strong market for digital illustrators who seek to sell the fruits of their labor.

4. Digital Photography – Traditional photography that requires film and darkrooms can only be manipulated so much without digital assistance. This is the reason photographers who work with digital cameras and are aces at photo editing and retouching have found themselves able to sell their work more easily than ever before. From creating flawless skin for wedding photographs to kids’ portraits with digitally enhanced fairytale settings, there’s a huge market for digital photography.

5. Clip Art – Clip art images have a variety of uses, but most are commonly employed to spice up professional documents and digital presentations. Most office software suites come with a limited selection of clip art, but more specific and often higher-quality images are available online and are often eagerly purchased by businesspeople.

6. Digital Scrapbooking Templates and Kits – The craft and hobby community that made traditional scrapbooking such a craze has established a strong digital presence in recent years. Many talented creators offer highly-detailed templates for beginners and beautifully-rendered individual elements for more advanced digital scrappers to create their own custom layouts.

7. Digital Paintings – Great strides in digital art programs and accessories allow an entire movement of high art paintings to be created with a computer to take hold in the art world. These paintings can be purchased online as digital downloads or tangible giclée prints rendered from digital paintings.

8. Animations – Short animations, especially those in .GIF form, are popular with Internet users who frequent message boards and online communities. This is the reason savvy creators can generate income streams by selling small-scale digital animations they make.

9. Fractal Art – Fractal art is created by calculating fractal objects and displaying the results of those calculations as images and animations. It is part of the new media art movement.

10. Digital Manipulations – Using photo editing or digital art software to manipulate everything from iconic images like the Mona Lisa to everyday scenes is a popular form of digital art.

Many artists sell their digital art through online e-stores like because of the ease of setup and the combined services of payment processing and download deliveries.

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