Top 10 Software Products to Sell Online

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Selling software online successfully understands knowing what will sell. Ten items sell better than any other type of software online. You can sell any of these items for your online business:

  1. 1. Security Software—Software that provides security against viruses, spam and other computer related issues sells well online. It’s better to become an affiliate for a major security software publisher than to create your own program because of consumer concerns. Most consumers choose the top names for security software.

  2. 2. Website Themes—Website themes sell well because they make it easy to create websites.

  3. 3. Games—Video games might easily be the most popular software that sells online. Strike up an affiliate relationship with top game designers. You can also design your own games to sell. A game doesn’t necessarily need a professional look, which makes selling your own games an option.

  4. 4. Tax Software—Products that can help people do their taxes are helpful. There are online software programs for this, but if you have a more comprehensive program, you can sell it as a download to work offline, too.

  5. 5. Children’s Learning—This category offers a wide range of software from games to learning programs. The idea is to have software that a child can learn and have fun with, whether it is math, science or a language.

  6. 6. Foreign Language—Software that can teach a foreign language sells well. There’s a huge market of people who want to learn a foreign language without signing up for a college course.

  7. 7. Photo Editing—A photo editing software program will likely sell well no matter who develops it. Most people want to modify their photos, but not everyone can afford expensive software such as Adobe Photoshop.

  8. 8. Financial Software—Quicken, QuickBooks and similar products sell well to people who want to make a budget. If you have your own financial management software or want to be an affiliate, there is a market for these items.

  9. 9. Conversion Software—Many people need software that converts a file from one format to another. Some examples of converter software are an MS-Word to PDF converter, a PDF to Flash converter and an FLV to MP4 converter. These separate software programs each have a big demand online.

  10. 10. Video Editing—Video-editing software has a big market online. Small businesses, for example, use videos for marketing. The demand for video editing software is growing.

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