Top 10 Software Distribution Sites

Software Distribution

Choosing where to distribute software involves whether you want it to be paid or free software for customers. Options such as free, trial and paid versions of software can differ between sites. If you are looking for sites to distribute your software, have a look at the 10 sites below:

1. PayLoadz – Here, you have two options for distributing your software: free or paid accounts. A free account provides you with tools to get your software sales started. A paid account offers features such as marketing tools and an affiliate network to promote your software.

2. Amazon – The biggest online retailer provides an option to sell software, too. It requires professional software that is accepted by Amazon before you start selling.

3. ClickBank – The most helpful aspect of ClickBank is its affiliate network system, which provides you an international venue for distributing software through recurring billing, subscription and membership product options.

4. CNET – CNET is a popular location for all things technological. Whether you want reviews, news, downloads, or how-to guides, CNET provides it. The CNET’s section is where software developers can get products distributed. It allows both paid and free software listings.

5. Softpedia – At Softpedia, you have the option of sharing your software product for free. The site has a top reputation, only posting software it has analyzed to ensure its safety for consumers.

6. Tucows Downloads – This site focuses on free software and shareware. It also offers developers promotional tools such as a paid featured listings and pay-per-click ads to promote software.

7. Plimus – This site provides a complete e-commerce solution to sell software.  It charges a commission on each sale based on the software’s price.

8. E-junkie – E-junkie allows you to sell and distribute software. The monthly pricing is based on the storage space and the number of products to be sold.

9. Avangate – This e-commerce solution is for software developers who sell desktop-based software products and Web-based software.

10. PayPro Global – Choices, easy license management and control are software protection tools you get when you sign up with PayPro Global. PayPro Passport, another one of the protection tools, is designed for developers who can input authentication technology to ensure no one is stealing software.

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