Top 10 Places to Sell Your Software

Software sale

The ability to sell and deliver software online has led to a rapid growth in the software industry.  No longer are buyers required to wait several days for software discs to arrive.  If you are a software publisher who wants to sell software online, look for a solution with the following features:

  • Secure storage
  • Automated delivery of software files on completion of sale
  • Several payment processing options
  • Software protection system, such as registration keys
  • A way to promote your software to drive more sales

Here is a list of top service providers that you can use to sell your software online:

PayLoadz: PayLoadz is one of the top online companies. It offers a place to sell your software and the tools you’ll need to become a success.  PayLoadz offers a shopping cart with multiple payment options and software protection systems. It also provides a storage place, automated delivery and a storefront.  Using PayLoadz, you sell software on your own website and other sites such as eBay.  The PayLoadz affiliate network can help promote your software to a larger audience. This can help increase your sales significantly.

ClickBank: This affiliate marketplace is for all things digital.  Though ClickBank has its own store, it focuses mainly on using affiliates to generate sales.

EBay: EBay has evolved beyond auctions; you can sell your software there, too.  But because selling software is not a focus area, eBay doesn’t offer as many tools required for software sales as some other places.

Amazon: Amazon has a high-profile name in the software-selling arena.  But, selling software is not Amazon’s core focus.  Though the exposure that a software publisher can get through Amazon might seem lucrative, it may be difficult for an independent publisher to compete with large software companies that also sell products on Amazon.

E-junkie: This site is a lot like PayLoadz. Though it has some of the same tools, there are several differences regarding software security and pricing.

RegNow: RegNow is an established player for software distribution.  RegNow helps software publishers promote and distribute software through its online distribution network of websites and through its affiliate network.

DPD: DPD provides an easy-to-use, yet secure, solution for selling software online, including key codes.  The links to purchase using DPD can be placed on websites, forums and blogs.

Sellfy: With Sellfy, you can upload content and start selling in just a couple of steps.  PayPal is the only payment option supported by Sellfy.

PayPro: PayPro EasyCommerce is a full-scale e-commerce solution to sell software online and provides many features, including software protection.

BitBuffet: BitBuffet helps sell software online and accepts payments through PayPal.

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