Top 10 Places to Sell Your Digital Music

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Selling music online has become more popular than ever, with both well known artists and people who hope to break into the music world, uploading digital music.  The key to success is finding a place to sell digital music without spending a fortune to reach consumers or parting with a major chunk of your revenue.  You need a place without many restrictions and one that provides you the most resources.

1. PayLoadz: A company with a top reputation is one you want when selling any digital good online.  Plus, if you want to sell more than just digital music online in the future, you need a site that allows this.  PayLoadz is the top website for selling digital music and other digital goods based on its tools, resources and system.  You can have your own website and storefront and sell on other places, such as Amazon and eBay.
2. ITunes Store: With the backing of a company as big as Apple, iTunes has grown to be one of the largest platforms for selling digital music.  With its army of Apple fans, iTunes provides some great exposure to artists trying to make a mark in the music field.
3. Amazon: Amazon opened its doors to businesses as well as individuals who wish to sell digital music online through its MP3 store. You can set up a merchant account to begin selling music on Amazon.
4. EBay: No longer just an auction site, eBay allows you to sell music and some other fixed price items. You have eBay, PayPal and a place to sell your digital music, all for an affordable cost.
5. CD Baby: CD Baby sells music, both online as well as in record stores.  You can sell music on CD Baby’s store, your own website or distribute music on Amazon and iTunes.
6. TuneCore: TuneCore lets you distribute and sell music on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and several other places.  The site does not have its own store.
7. AudioJungle: If you are into creating stock music, then consider AudioJungle. AudioJungle has its own set of requirements and licensing restrictions.
8. SoundClick: SoundClick, primarily a social community for music lovers and artists, also provides artists with features and tools to promote and sell music.  The site also focuses on engaging with music lovers and promoting music.
9. SongCast: SongCast allows you to distribute and sell music on third-party online stores such as Amazon and Google Music.
10. Ditto Music: Besides the regular distribution of music, Ditto Music provides artists with several services, such as starting record labels, a pre-release service and U.S. and Canadian charts registration.

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