Top 10 Places to Sell / Buy Coupon Codes

There’s a booming market online for virtual coupons. You can be a part of it, whether you’re an affiliate marketer looking for a place to purchase promotional and coupon codes to power your online business or an entrepreneur who deals in the sale of promo codes. These are the top 10 sites for purchasers and merchants of coupon and promotional codes:

  1. 1.   eBay  – There’s little that can’t be found on eBay, and coupon codes are no exception. Whether you’re interested in purchasing a few promotional codes to save some money on an item you intend to buy or selling promotional codes that you already have on hand, you can get started on eBay.
  2. 2.   E-junkie  – E-junkie is an e-commerce site that facilitates sales for merchants and simplifies the process of locating specific products for consumers. You can buy and sell a variety of promotional codes here.
  3. 3.   Tradebit  – Buying coupon codes to post on your blog or host on your website is easy with Tradebit, an e-commerce site that also makes quick work of selling those same promotional codes to interested affiliate marketers.
  4. 4.   PayLoadz  – As one of the most popular e-commerce sites on the web, PayLoadz is an ideal stop for merchants and consumers alike. Hosting your own promotional codes or purchasing them to bolster your own website’s traffic is quick and easy because the PayLoadz site is easy to navigate. It has a clean interface and accepts PayPal and Google Checkout payment processing options.
  5. 5.   Bigcommerce  – Setting up a store through Bigcommerce allows you to give coupon codes away for free. It also lets you sell them as digital products through a store powered by the site.
  6. 6.   For Me To Coupon  – This is a place for affiliates to obtain promotional codes. For Me To Coupon offers a consolidated coupon feed from more than 5,000 merchant programs. It has 50 updates and 550 new deals each day. It also offers a free 30-day trial period.
  7. 7.   Coupon Feed  – Affiliates who have neither the time nor the patience to sort through a variety of feeds each day for coupon codes can turn to Coupon Feed, a service that delivers those deals to you each day.
  8.  8.   FeedShare  – With storefronts, data feeds and an affiliate marketing program, making money by buying or selling coupon codes is simple using the FeedShare model.
  9. 9.   Kagi  – Several categories are in the Kagi marketplace. This makes it easy for buyers to locate files. Selling promotional and coupon codes as a digital download through the Kagi store can bolster your income and generate revenue streams consistently.
  10. 10.   Sellfy – Selling digital products through the e-commerce platform Sellfy allows users to post a simple link on a website, social networking feed or an email. Offering coupon and promotional codes without investing in your own website or storefront is less complicated using the Sellfy service.


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