Top 10 Payment Services

Payment Services

With the growing popularity of online sales, it’s become necessary for merchants to find a reliable and easy-to-use method of processing their online payments. Many payment services exist. Here is a list of the 10 most popular online payment services that offer a variety of payment-processing options:

1. PayPal – PayPal is perhaps the most popular method of remitting and receiving funds online. PayPal processed more than $4 billion in payments in 2011 alone. In addition to billing and payment for goods or services rendered, PayPal allows users to send money to friends and family.

2. Google Checkout – Google’s offering to the online payment processing market allows clients to make payments for their online purchases with their Google account. Because millions of users rely on many Google services, they are likely already logged in to their Google accounts. The purchase process is streamlined with Google Checkout.

3. Amazon – If you’ve contributed through popular crowd-funding site Kickstarter, you’ve used Amazon Payments to do so. The online mega-retailer also allows clients to send and receive payments and charges low transaction fees.

4. Authorize.Net – The services of Authorize.Net are directed to large e-commerce sites. The $99 startup fee, $20 monthly charge and 10-cent-per-transaction fee can be prohibitive for smaller merchants, but is a worthwhile investment for people who process a large number of payments.

5. Dwolla – Dwolla positions itself as a direct competitor to payment-processing giant PayPal. It averages more than $1 million in processed payments each day and offers low transaction fees. Dwolla’s drawback is its lack of brand-name recognition.

6. Stripe – Integrating a payment system into your website is simple with Stripe. It acts as a merchant account and handles all PCI-compliance issues.

7. Braintree – Popular Web companies like LivingSocial rely on Braintree for payment processing needs. This makes it one of the more popular payment gateways and merchant account solutions on the Web.

8. WePay – While the terms of service can be restrictive, the individual attention and support offered by WePay makes it easy to send and receive payments online.

9. 2Checkout – Combining a merchant account and payment gateway, 2Checkout allows retailers to accept credit cards and process PayPal payments quickly and easily.

10. Samurai by FeeFighters – The primary FeeFighters product is a merchant account comparison tool that allows clients to look for the best rates quickly and easily. The Samurai service is a payment gateway and merchant account option. It offers low rates.

PayLoadz provides a payment service that is integrated with a secure digital download delivery service, combining two services into one. Several of the payment options above, including PayPal and Google Checkout, can be utilized by customers purchasing digital goods through PayLoadz sellers.

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